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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 104

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Chapter 104

Sure enough! As long as Diana lived, Julian and Kate would be swayed sooner or later. Kayla was
more certain than ever; Diana had to be dealt with today, once and for all!

This was the first time Kate had given in to Diana even with Kayla around. Kayla’s hand turned white
with how hard she gripped her wine glass. She turned away in anger, but then saw Lucy waving at her
from not far away to reassure her.

Thinking that Lucy had probably reapplied the poison to Diana’s glass, Kayla felt relieved. She watched
as Kate filled Diana’s glass again, but Diana still refused to drink.

Kate also took Kayla’s drink and poured out the wine, replacing it with juice. “You were also injured two
days ago, and you need to apply medicine to your face. For safety’s sake, you should both drink juice.”

Lucy saw the change from afar, and her face froze instantly. She frantically gestured to Kayla, but
Kayla didn’t turn around and couldn’t see it. Kayla was anxious to get Diana to drink, so she downed
her own glass without a second thought.

As soon as Kayla finished drinking, Lucy ran over, panting and shouting in alarm, “Miss!”

Lucy hadn’t applied the poison to Diana’s glass, but had put it straight in the juice instead. Diana didn’t
drink it, but Kayla drank an entire glass!

As pain began to spread through Kayla’s limbs, she started to go limp. She instantly realized what was
going on when she saw the terror on Lucy’s face.


Kate rushed forward to grab Kayla’s hand. “I’m here, Kayla! What’s wrong?”

Lucy quietly took a step back, but Diana noticed that her eyes were filled with worry and even malice…
The same look Kayla had when she looked at Diana!

Diana came to a quick conclusion: was Lucy Kayla’s biological mother?!

The possibility shocked Diana. She was about to say something when Kayla wailed harshly, “Ahhh! It
hurts! Ahh…! My throat… It burns!”

Lucy’s face had gone stark white. Kate was also looking at Kayla in panic, and her hands were

Only Diana, who was calm, pulled her phone out to call Oliver for a look.

“There are signs of poisoning.” After examining Kayla, Oliver asked Diana in concern, “Are you okay?”

It felt good to be the priority of concern.

Diana hurriedly shook her head. “I’m fine.”

She glanced at the juice and said, “It happened after she drank the juice.”

Oliver instantly understood. He took the juice and methodically arranged for Kayla to get medical
attention. Diana and Kate followed the ambulance that took Kayla to the central hospital.

Kayla arrived in the nick of time and was saved, but her throat was severely damaged, and her voice

forever sound like broken glass.

Meanwhile, Oliver sent the juice for testing and revealed that there had indeed been poison in it. Had
Kayla consumed a higher dose, she would have died.

Kate kept urging Diana with tears in her eyes, “Call Julian! Call him now!”

“No need for that,” Julian replied, having rushed over. “Right after Kayla got out of her operation, she


He turned and shot Diana a stern glare. “Well, Diana? Why aren’t you on your knees, begging Kayla for

Diana looked up in shock, bewildered by his nonsensical words. “Why on earth would I have to do

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