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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 101

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Chapter 101

Diana and Kayla’s resemblance involved many things; it even raised questions about Diana going
missing when she was three, while she had been with James. Was it intentional, or was it merely an

These doubts overwhelmed Diana’s longing for Julian, and managed to calm her down.

“As for you claiming me to be your substitute…” Diana turned her attention back to Kayla with a firm
gaze. Have you ever asked Julian about it?”

Before Kayla could reply, Diana cut her off. “I don’t care for explanations from outsiders when it comes
to matters between your brother–in–law and me. I have my doubts, and I’ll ask him personally.”


Kayla was furious with Diana, but it was a fact that Diana and Julian were married. Thus, she couldn’t
refute Diana’s words. When Kayla thought about how Diana would face her downfall later today, her
anger simmered slightly and the ache in her heart soothed somewhat.

“Julian and I are childhood friends, and I understand him well enough. If you ask him, I’m sure he’ll tell
you the truth. I just hope you won’t be too sad when the time comes…”

Kayla once again revealed a fake sympathetic expression.

On the surface, she looked like she was comforting Diana. In truth, she was reminding Diana that she
and Julian were childhood friends. Without needing to ask Julian, it was obvious that Diana was a
stand–in for Kayla.

However, such a tactic no longer worked on Diana anymore. She simply hummed in response without


Kayla had a bad feeling about it. As she expected, Diana suddenly smiled and gave Kayla a
contemptuous look. “Though you may have been childhood friends with Julian, he and I are husband
and wife. I know every inch of his body better than you, so you don’t have to be so concerned about
things between us.”


Kayla wanted to slap that smug look off Diana’s face. How could this insufferable wench say such
shameless things?

What infuriated her even more was that she couldn’t refute any of it!

“Ha! You won’t be a married couple soon enough!”

Julian would become a widow today, and he would have a new wife; her, Kayla Winnington!

Diana looked at Kayla and reached out to her. “If you want to take my place as Mrs. Fulcher, that
depends on whether you can pay me the money. I’ll proceed with the divorce once you’ve paid me the
twelve million. dollars you’ve agreed to.”

“That amount is too big,” Kayla said through gritted teeth. “Once the birthday party’s over, I’ll send a
specialized car with the money to follow you when you leave.”

The heavy stone in Diana’s heart finally dropped when she heard this.

As soon as she could get the money from Kayla, adding on Nina’s 1.5 million and Kate’s thirty
thousand dollars, she would finally be able to pay off the total debt of fifteen million toward Julian and
no longer owe him anything.

And then…their marriage would also come to an end.

Diana couldn’t stop the sorrow that washed over her when she thought about how she was Kayla’s
stand–in, but she wouldn’t let her emotions show any more than they already did. She held herself with
more dignity than even Kayla, who had been brought up to be an outstanding girl.

Kate remained silent the entire time they argued. She had expected Diana to be devastated after
discovering the truth, but the result had been unexpected.

It seemed Kayla was the one who was affected more.

Even at this moment, from Kate’s point of view, Diana was acting more regally than Kayla. In terms of
facial features, Diana’s were more delicate and elegant than Kayla. Upon closer inspection, it was easy
to distinguish between the two.

But Diana had grown up in the boonies, so how could she be more dignified and noble than Kayla?

It must’ve been the power and wealth of the Fulcher family! Kate was more certain than ever; she must
hold onto her precious daughter Kayla to get into the good graces of the Fulcher family!

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