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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 102

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Chapter 102

“The party’s about to start,” Kayla said, leaning into Kate when she saw the latter lost in thought. She
deliberately pouted and said, “Aren’t we going to the front yard, Mom?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

Kate couldn’t refuse Kayla, and she glared at Diana. “It’s all because you refused to change clothes
and delayed us! I don’t know who you take after. You’re so stubborn!”

Kayla immediately rubbed Kate’s temples when she saw how angry Kate was. Then, she turned to
Diana. “It’s Mom’s birthday, Diana. Even if you don’t like me, you should put on the dress so that us
sisters can stand by her side and show everyone how blessed she is.”

Regardless of the reason Kayla came up with, Diana still repeated the same answer. “I won’t change.”

Kate’s face was already pale with anger. “Fine, I don’t care! Just wear your dirty dress for all I care! It
doesn’t matter if others ridicule me. God knows how often I’ve gone through it because of you anyway!”

As usual, Kate’s accusations and obvious disgust toward Diana would only increase when Kayla was
present. Diana thought she had long gotten used to Kate’s blatant favoritism, but she had hoped that
today, having just learned that she was simply someone’s substitute, she had thought that…

Kate would at least give her a little comfort.

In the end, Diana’s hopes were in vain. In Kate’s heart, Kayla was the only one worthy of being her

“I won’t let you be embarrassed because of me,” Diana said, hanging her head down and looking at the
hem of her skirt, which could barely be classified as dirty. “I’ll wait until the banquet ends and leave with

the car. I came today mainly to get the money, after all.”

Kayla panicked when she heard that. Diana needed to be in the front yard! Otherwise, her plan would

She turned to Kate and immediately said, “You’ve upset Mom, Diana. It’s her birthday today, so how
could you say you’re only here for money?”

Then, she held Kate’s arm in one hand and used her other to help Diana up from the couch gently. “We
need to go to the front yard together. I know you’ve never entertained guests since you were a child, so
you don’t know the etiquette of high society. But it’s okay! If you feel really uncomfortable at the
banquet, you can simply mingle with the guests and eat. No one will bother you.”

Kayla’s words sounded like she was being considerate of Diana, but she was actually putting the latter


Diana hated how two–faced Kayla was, but she didn’t bother arguing with Kayla and instead said
calmly, “It seems you always remember you had the opportunity to benefit from and receive our family’s
grand treatment because I was lost as a child.”

“You…!” Kayla was angry at Diana’s smooth counter, but it didn’t matter. She desperately swallowed
her anger and comforted herself with the fact that Diana would have no way to continue living in this
world in a

few minutes.

Instead of having the banquet indoors, Kate had taken advantage of the season and set up an outdoor
banquet. When she and Kayla arrived, they headed straight to the stage, presented a unified front, and

thanked the guests for coming.

On the other hand, Diana found a secluded corner where no one would bother her. It was a place
where she could keep an eye on her surroundings, in case Kayla planned something heinous.

About ten minutes later, Kate finally finished her speech. With Kayla by her side, they went around
toasting with the guests. Since Kate didn’t mention Diana at all during her speech, Diana didn’t expect
Kate and Kayla to come toward her, much less with another girl trailing behind them.

Kate was in a good mood after receiving compliments and congratulations from others. She smiled as
she said, “Diana, this is Lyra Conner. She’s Kayla’s best friend. I recall you mentioning the earrings just
now, so I guessed you must’ve confused her with Kayla. I brought her here to introduce her to you.”

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