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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 100

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Chapter 100

Now, things had taken a different turn. Kayla was now in a panic, as if hundreds of wildebeest were
coming at her in a stampede. Without Lucy’s advice, Kayla didn’t know how to deal with Diana’s

Right now, the panic on Kayla’s face said it all.

Diana studied Kayla’s expression and made an even more daring guess in her heart. She and
Kayla…..were both directly related to James. Looking at their age, it seemed that their birthdays were
only a few months apart. Diana couldn’t recall Kate having any other children apart from her.

In that case… If James was Kayla’s father, who was her real mother? If James had another woman,
then did Diana really lose her way from her family? And the fact that Kayla was brought in to fill her
place… Were those all really coincidental, or had it all been planned at the start?

Diana couldn’t stop her heart from pounding frantically at the thoughts that were running through her

Diana raised her head to look closer at Kayla and studied her own reflection in the mirror at the same
time. She and Kayla looked so much like James, yet Kate didn’t suspect it even after so many years.

The more Diana thought about it, the more she felt there was more to this. Just as she was about to
continue her questions, Kate said haughtily, “Of course she looks like your father! Others say it’s
because your father loves us so much that he was blessed, and they grew to look like each other. It
made up for the family affection that we dearly needed all those years you were away from us.”

Diana could tell that that was truly what Kate thought. The silly woman didn’t doubt Kayla’s origins at
all. However, anyone with basic biological knowledge would know that this explanation held not a speck

of truth.

Even so, there was no denying that Kate firmly believed this fact. She even ostracized her own flesh

blood for Kayla’s sake.

The more Diana pondered, the more it felt like a joke to her. Once again, she couldn’t help but look at

Putting aside their temperament and their brows, the two of them really did look alike…

Kayla was growing more and more nervous due to Diana’s unconventional behavior. Now that the latter
was staring at her so closely, she felt even more flustered to the point she lost her superior calm.
Agitated, she sputtered, “Why are you looking at me so long?!”

“Oh, I’m just marveling at how alike we look.”

This b*tch had no shame!

Kayla couldn’t keep up her sweet facade anymore. She glared hatefully at Diana before spitting
viciously, ” You’re the one who looks like me! That’s why Julian chose to marry you after I disappeared!
In his heart, you’re just a substitute for me!”

If Diana didn’t have her baby, she would’ve been completely devastated after hearing such words and
her world would have long collapsed. However, the experience of almost losing her baby two days ago
had made her a stronger woman.

No matter how embarrassed or shocked she was, she could now restrain her emotions and pull herself
together slowly. The expression on her face turned cold, and she pointed out the birth date on Kayla’s
ID card. “I’m older than you.”

The words implied that since Diana had come into the world first, Kayla, who was younger, was the one
who looked like her and not the other way around.

Her cold, aloof gaze infuriated Kayla even more. “You’re twisting my words! You’re not making sense!


“Is that so?” Diana replied. Seeing how out–of–sorts Kayla was, she suddenly understood the reason
she had to sign an agreement to get the money in the first place.


Their goal was for her to meet Kayla and discover that she had been a substitute.

And then, what?

They probably wanted to see her devastated and unstable, or that she would cut off her relationship
with Julian completely.

Well, Diana wouldn’t let them get their way!

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