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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 98

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Chapter 98

No, the person before her may not be Kayla.

Diana had also met someone in the washroom who may have been Kayla just now, hadn’t she?

Diana tried to calm herself as quickly as possible, but she finally looked at Kate with a touch of panic.
As if desperate for confirmation, she pointed to Kayla and asked somewhat frantically, “Who…Who is

Kayla snorted and gave Kate a look, warning the latter not to say anything. Then, she approached
Diana enthusiastically and pulled her over. “Oh, Diana! Why are you asking Mom such a question? I’m
your sister, Kayla. If it wasn’t for Luke, we would’ve long since met.”

The woman before Diana had a pretty smile on her delicate face. For a moment, Diana thought she
was looking in a mirror.

Something at the back of Diana’s mind gradually started to break down, but she still persisted and
asked, Are you…really Kayla?”

Kayla pursed her lips, giving the impression that she was exasperated. She turned around to pull her
ID card from her bag. “Here, you can return it if you think it’s fake.”

Diana’s hands shook uncontrollably as she took the thin card. For a while, bits and pieces of her past
played through her mind like a movie.

Julian, whom she had never met, suddenly rushed to her and asked her to marry him.

Three years later, he firmly asked for a divorce.

And the way he looked at her, like he was always lost in thought…

He never even called her name when they were intimate in the bedroom, merely giving her a far off

And Nina, who never made mistakes when it came to cameras, told Diana that her camera suddenly
ran out of batteries and couldn’t snap a picture of Kayla. What was more, Diana recalled SK Mall’s


There were so many things, both big and small, that seemed to have been laid out for her to discover.
Yet, Diana had never once thought that Kayla would resemble her.

But… Kayla was adopted!

Diana subconsciously looked at Kate, wanting to ask what was going on, but Kate spoke first. “Diana,
how could you not greet your sister? Weren’t you looking everywhere for her? Now that you’ve seen
her, why are you acting like this?”

“You already knew that Kayla and I…” Diana trailed off as she thought about the last time she had
dinner with the Winnington family, and what the maid had just now said. Instead of asking, she said,
“You already knew that Kayla and I look so much alike, yet…”

You never said anything about it.

Not a single person told her the truth!

Even Nina, who fell sick from stress and anxiety, never said anything about this.

This made Diana think about deeper possibilities. She bit her lip, as if the pain would give her a little
strength. “Was it me or you that Julian really wanted to marry three years ago, Kayla?”

Kayla didn’t expect things to go so well, so much that she didn’t need to do anything. It seemed Diana
understood everything after seeing their faces.

Kayla smirked inwardly, but on the outside, she purposefully put on an ashamed expression. She
lowered her head and said regretfully, “Diana, Julian and I should apologize to you. Three years ago, I
shouldn’t have left the country so willfully without a word, only to return suddenly after three years.”

Three years ago, and three years later. The timing coincided with the marriage and divorce.

What else was there not to understand?

Diana was obviously Kayla’s stand–in!

Julian married Diana because of how similar her face was to Kayla.


do you understand?” Kate said with a sigh. “It wasn’t Kayla who stole your husband, and neither did
she steal your life. It was you who stole her first love. You’re the one…who interfered with their

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