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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 96

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Chapter 96

Oliver looked at Diana and said kindly, “Cheer up. Think of the baby.”

Diana nodded. He was right. She should be happier that what she feared had not happened, and that
Kayla wasn’t overwhelming her at every turn.

But… Why did it feel so strange?

The sensation was akin to a puffed–up balloon that had deflated suddenly. Did Diana feel powerless
because she had lost to such an average person?

Diana pulled herself together, thinking that she would meet the other formally later and have a good
talk. Otherwise, she wouldn’t understand why Julian would abandon her for such a mediocre existence.

When Diana and Oliver reached Kayla’s room, they were informed that Kayla and Kate had gone to the
cloakroom and had asked Diana to meet them there instead. Because of the switch in location, it
wasn’t convenient for a man to follow her. Thus, Oliver had to stay behind.

“Can you handle it alone?”

“I’ll be fine,” Diana replied with a smile. Thinking of Kayla whom she had met previously, and the
undisguised contempt and malice she faced, her guard against Kayla making underhanded moves had
lowered significantly. “Even though they don’t like me, they won’t do anything to me at a public birthday

Many people were outside, and Kayla would embarrass the Winnington family if anything went wrong.

Oliver nodded. He soon found a couch to sit down and wait.

“I’ll be here, so just shout for me if anything happens. I’ll rush to your side immediately.”

Diana smiled. “Sure. I’ll be going now. Have some tea and rest while you wait.”

Diana had lived here for a short period three years ago when she came looking for her relatives. Back
then, she was simply a joke who wasn’t welcome. Forget about living comfortably in the Winnington
residence, she didn’t even dare walk around the place casually.

So, she wasn’t actually familiar with the layout of the place.

A maid walked in front of her, leading the way. Seven or eight turns later, they reached the innermost
room on the third floor.

“This is Madam’s cloakroom,” the maid said, pointing at one of the two rooms that were next to each
other. The other room is where Madam usually stays.”

“Hers and Kayla’s rooms are really far apart, aren’t they?” Diana commented.

The maid nodded. “Yes. Miss Kayla’s room is the largest, and Madam used to live in it. When Miss was
six or seven years old, she mentioned liking how the sunlight filled the room, so Madam moved out and
let her use it.”

Six or seven years old….

Where was Diana at that age?

Most likely still homeless and thinking about where to get her next meal, and…where her own mother

However, Diana’s birth mother never even thought about her, as the woman already had Kayla. Kate
gave all her love to Kayla, so it wasn’t surprising that Kayla was the way she was. Growing up, Kayla

was spoiled


But no matter how spoiled Kayla was, she shouldn’t have stood by and recorded a video of Luke
kidnapping Diana. What’s more, she shouldn’t have stolen her sister’s husband….

As Diana tried to sort through the mess in her mind, she suddenly heard Kate’s voice. “Is that Come

The maid hurriedly opened the door for Diana and said, “Please go in.”



Diana shot her a suspicious look. “Why don’t you address me as Miss?”

The last time Diana was here, many people took the initiative to greet her. But this time, even after
walking around the place for so long, none did the same.

The maid seemed more surprised than Diana at the question. “You and Miss Kayla don’t look much
alike, and we can differentiate you two now.”

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