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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 97

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Chapter 97

The implication behind the maid’s words was that they only recognized Kayla as the sole young lady of
the Winnington family. The deeper meaning behind it was that the servants hadn’t been able to tell
Diana and Kayla apart before, but now they could.

It was a pity that Diana didn’t catch the meaning. She even followed up with, “Yes, I don’t think we look
very similar either.”

After all, how could two women unrelated by blood look similar to each other?

Diana shook her head and dismissed the maid before walking into the cloakroom. “Yes, Mom. I’m

“Why are you still standing outside? Come on in!” Kate urged.

Diana had no idea what Kate and Kayla were doing inside, except that it was a bit of a novelty to meet
Kayla for the first time in such a private place as a cloakroom. She felt happy the entire time she made
her way here, and that happiness only increased when she saw Kate holding up a dress with a smile.

It was the first time Diana felt the true meaning of the saying that blood was thicker than water, and
what it meant to deeply desire motherly love.

“Where’s Kayla?” Diana asked with a smile. She looked around, but saw no sign of the other woman.

is she?”

“She’s gone into the fitting room,” Kate replied, pointing down to a small suite in the cloakroom. “Come
here. I’ve picked out two identical dresses for you two. Try this on.”

Diana froze. “Why do you want us to wear the same dress?”

“The one you’re wearing now is dirty,” Kate replied curtly, not liking how Diana questioned her.
“Besides, you’re sisters meeting officially for the first time. Wearing the same dress will make things
less intimidating. Everyone will look at you two in envy when you go downstairs later.”

Diana didn’t expect Kate to consider such a thing. “Kayla and I… We’re not close sisters. Also, my
dress got dirty at the hospital because of an emergency. I didn’t have time to change.”

What was more, the dress Kate was holding was a fine and beautiful dark green, but it had a long
hemline. Diana was worried she would trip over it, and refused again. “I don’t need to wear that. What I
have is fine.”

Kate was annoyed with Diana’s stubbornness. “You’re already sharing the same man as Kayla, yet you
still feel shameful about wearing the same dress as her?”

Diana snapped her head up in shock, not expecting such harsh words from Kate.

“Well, what about Kayla?” Diana couldn’t resist shooting back fiercely. “She took the man I had, and
wore the earring I gave you and returned. Is she willing to wear the same dress as me?”

Kate was stunned. “What are you talking about? Kayla doesn’t have piercings on her ears! Besides, I
returned those earrings to you. How could she wear them?”

Now it was Diana’s turn to be stunned. “Didn’t Kayla go to the washroom just now?”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Kate said, pulling Diana over and pushing her into another fitting
room. “Hurry up and get changed! Kayla will be out soon.”

Wearing the same dress would make them look even more similar than before.

Regardless, Diana was firm in her decision. “The dress is too long. I won’t wear it.”

Who would take responsibility for her baby’s safety if she stepped on the dress and fell?

Kate saw how stubborn Diana was being and was about to retort, but Kayla’s soft voice rang out and
stopped her. “Mom, don’t force her to wear it if she doesn’t want to. There are a lot of other dresses,
after all.”

Diana turned toward the fitting room in shock. Had she really mistaken the woman in the washroom as

But… What about the earrings?

While Diana pondered, Kayla had already pushed open the door and walked towards her with a smile.
Kayla’s light steps were an absolute contrast to the heaviness crushing Diana’s heart.

How could Kayla look so much like her?!

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