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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 94

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Chapter 94

“My! Mr. Fulcher dotes on his wife so dearly!”

“Ms. Winnington is truly blessed!”

“Exactly! I’ve heard that Mr. Fulcher dotes on Mrs. Fulcher. Now that I’ve seen it for myself, I can attest
to that!”

At that moment, mocking gazes all turned into envy as everyone turned their attention toward Kate and


Diana felt awkward and shocked at the same time.

She felt awkward because she was about to lose her identity as Mrs. Fulcher, and it was therefore
impossible for Julian to send someone to protect her at this point.

On the other hand, she was shocked that someone as outstanding as Oliver was willing to identify
himself as a bodyguard just to help her avoid unnecessary trouble.

Aside from Nina, she didn’t have a friend as considerate as him.

She decided that when she headed back to the hospital to visit Nina, she must make sure Nina doesn’t
take any more photos of Fanny and Oliver!

That was the least she could do to repay Oliver’s kindness..

On the other hand, Kate was extremely displeased with Oliver’s explanation. She had been the
recipient of Oliver’s fierce glare moments ago, after all.

That was certainly not a look a hired bodyguard would give to his employer!

To Kate, Oliver’s explanation was just a weak lie.

Diana had already found a back–up plan and was just being two–faced by insulting Kate, when all Kate
was doing was making an exit plan for Diana.

The more Kate thought about it, the more she was certain that Diana couldn’t be her own child. How
could her own daughter have such bad intentions yet still desire to maintain a good reputation?!

At this moment, Kate wished she had given birth to Kayla instead.

Unlike Diana, that girl was truly a good child..

The thought of Kayla softened Kate’s expression at once. “Diana, do you want to go and see your
sister? She should be here soon.”

Diana was eager to cooperate. “Sure.”

It was inevitable that she would meet Kayla today.

Firstly, she needed to get her hands on the money. Secondly, she wanted to see how Kayla looked.
How was it possible that Kayla could attract the attention of everyone around her?


She wanted to see if her instincts were right..

As of late, Diana had the nagging feeling that she would be able to find out the specific timing when
Julian’s affections shifted from Kayla. She wanted to find out when exactly they got together.

Meanwhile, in the backyard of the Winnington residence.

Kayla hired experts specifically to style herself for the sole purpose of meeting Diana. She looked at
herself in the mirror, extremely pleased with her beautiful reflection.

Lucy followed behind her after seeing her return. “Have you been to the cake shop?”

Checking on the progress of Kate’s birthday cake was Kayla’s excuse to head out.

She wanted to reach Winnington residence at a different time from Diana. If Julian questioned her
about it later, she could say that she didn’t break her promise to him and insist on meeting with Diana.
It was Diana who attended Kate’s birthday party of her own accord, which resulted in their accidental

“I did. Don’t worry,” Kayla said. “I even made sure to hang around in front of the surveillance camera.”

Lucy was pleased. “That’s great! Everything’s going according to plan. That dumb Kate is taking Diana
to the backyard right now.”

She added faintly, “I heard Diana gave her a purple gemstone brooch, which she went around showing

The corner of Kayla’s lips curled into a wicked smirk as she turned around to pick a diamond from a
small case behind her. “What lousy purple gemstone? As long as I marry Julian and cut off all ties
between Diana and him, she won’t lack any precious gems and diamonds!”

Lucy became excited. “Is this the diamond Julian sent you that other day?”

Kayla nodded and picked a one carat diamond which she handed to Lucy. “Mom, take this and do
whatever you want with it.” She hooked an arm around Lucy’s neck and said, “To me, you’re way
classier than Kate. You’ll take the seat of the official mistress of the Winningtons very soon!”

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