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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 95

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Chapter 95

Lucy was so happy her eyes disappeared into squints. “This is so shiny that it nearly blinded me!” She
caressed the gem emotionally. “Can I really take it?”

“But of course!” Kayla waved her hands with a generous air. “Everything I have today is all thanks to


Lucy was even more pleased with Kayla’s words. She kept the diamond carefully and promised Kayla,
“Don’t you worry. I won’t let Diana step out of this place alive today!”

She must eliminate the threat Diana brought to them!

Diana followed Kate over a distance. A smell wafted in her nose, stopping her in her tracks. “What’s
that smell?”

“The kitchen is preparing meat,” Kate looked at her skeptically. “Don’t you eat meat? You used to keep
asking the kitchen for meat when you first came here.”

To think Kate remembered that.

Yet, Kate never really asked Diana how she liked her meat cooked. In fact, all the dishes Kate prepared
the last time Diana visited were all green and leafy vegetables.

Diana thought that was because Kate wasn’t familiar with what she liked to eat. As it turned out, Kate
knew to a certain extent; she simply couldn’t be bothered to accommodate Diana’s preferences.

The more she thought about it, the more disgusted Diana felt. She held back her repulsion and said to
Kate, I need the washroom.”

“We’re almost at Kayla’s room.” Kate was slightly displeased. She wanted the sisters to quickly meet,
and for Diana to quickly realize her identity as Kayla’s replacement. But upon seeing that Diana didn’t
look too good, she relented. “Come over quickly once you’re done. Her room is the first one around the

It was the best room in the best position of the entire Winnington mansion.

It faced the sun, and various flowers and plants thrived outside the window. It looked beautiful
throughout. the seasons.

Diana noticed that very early on, but each time she drew near to the room, someone would chase her
Gradually, she no longer approached that room.


Thinking of the past, Diana was struck with sorrow. She lowered her head to hide the sadness seeping
in her eyes. “Okay.”

She didn’t expect to bump into Kayla in the washroom.

Kayla was just about done using the washroom and was washing her hands at the sink, just as Diana
was doing.

Diana looked at the earrings that Kayla took off and placed next to the sink. It was the same pair that
she threw by the lake that day, when she was kidnapped by Luke.

Diana didn’t expect Kayla to be so bold as to wear the earrings that she deliberately flung away during


She moved her gaze slowly.

Kayla looked slightly different from how Diana imagined her to be.

Her sense of style and taste appeared mediocre as well. She wore a purple gown that looked poorly
sewn together, even for such a major event.

If it weren’t for those earrings, Diana definitely wouldn’t think that she was Kayla.

In terms of appearance…

Diana surveyed the so–called Kayla’s face discreetly. Her nose bridge was flat, and her mouth was
small but too thin. Her features weren’t exquisite, and even made her look slightly dull.

The moment the woman noticed Diana looking at her, she calmly put on her earrings. She then glared
at Diana and said fiercely, “What are you looking at? Never seen a beautiful lady before?”

Her sudden outburst left Diana completely speechless. Then, the woman deliberately flicked the water
off her hands so hard that it hit Diana’s face. After that, she stepped out haughtily of the washroom on
her eight inch heels.

It felt like a bad dream as Diana wiped the drops of water away from her face. She wanted to call for
Kayla and tell her that she was Diana, but her feet remained stuck to the ground.

She never thought that she would meet Kayla under such circumstances. At the same time, she felt
rather disappointed.

She was disappointed that Kayla wasn’t unique in any way, and appeared mediocre…

Diana didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry.

It was only until Oliver started calling for her after waiting for her for a long time that she finally snapped
back to reality. “I’m fine.”

However, the look on her face clearly betrayed the fact that she was not.

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