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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 93

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Chapter 93

Diana couldn’t believe this was what her own mother planned. She even felt like she was beginning to
let go of things. “I finally understand why you chose to abandon your biological daughter and keep
Kayla in the family. You’re all birds of a feather!”

If this was how things were, she would rather not have a mother like Kate.

“You’re audacious!” Kate’s body trembled with anger. “Do you know why you’ve lost that uncouth air,
and why so many people praise you for being classy and beautiful? Because of money! I’m helping you
find a back–up plan! Do you understand?”

Diana looked at her coldly as disappointment filled her eyes. “Why can’t you say something affirmative,
like that I am indeed beautiful and outstanding, which is why others praise me and look at me in
amazement? Even if you claim to be searching for a back–up plan for me, why must it be a path so
filthy? Did Kayla teach you that? Because she walked down the filthy path of breaking someone else’s
marriage and benefited from it, you think I should do something just as dirty?”

Hearing Diana insult Kayla wiped the smile off Kate’s face immediately. She raised her hand, fully
intending to slap Diana. “Shut your mouth! You have no right to say that about your sister!”

It was a reaction Diana fully expected, but not the result she wanted.

As such, she moved faster than Kate and stopped the latter’s hand from coming down on her.

At the same time, a large hand covered hers, grabbing Kate’s wrist together with her.

A pleasant smell of disinfectant solution drifted from the newcomer’s body.

“I’m sorry you had to see something so embarrassing,” Diana immediately guessed who it was who
came. She pulled her hand back and smiled apologetically at Oliver.

Oliver, in his typical gentle fashion, did not deliberately expose her. He simply shook his head and said,
“I’m the one who should be sorry. I wanted to accompany you here to avoid having anything bad
happen. Yet, I went to the washroom right after getting out of the car and almost let something happen
to you again.”

This man put all the blame on himself.

At that moment, his words felt like a refreshing spring breeze blowing on her face.

On the other hand, where was Julian when Diana most needed his protection?

Bitterness filled her heart as she forced herself to stop thinking about that terrible man. To avoid hurting
herself and her baby, Diana silently moved away from Kate and stood behind Oliver.

Meanwhile, Oliver had his eyes on Kate.

Instead of the usual warmth that was typical of him, his eyes were icy and sent chills down one’s spine.

Kate was frightened by the look in his eyes, but that didn’t stop her from attacking Diana verbally once
again. “You accused me of being filthy, but you’re getting involved with another man before your
divorce. Doesn’t that make you filthy too?”

Diana truly wished she had never knocked on the Winningtons‘ door three years ago.

“Here I am trying to make a back–up plan for you out of the kindness of my heart, yet you’re being

completely ungrateful!” Kate wished she could dunk Diana’s head into a pail of cold water to wake her
up so she could see who was truly family to her!

“Tell him to let me go right away! It’s my birthday party! Are you trying to embarrass me in front of my

She spoke at a volume audible only to the three of them.

She looked clearly upset, completely different from the pride she felt when she was showing off her
purple gemstone brooch just moments ago.

Upon seeing Oliver grabbing Kate’s wrist, someone wanted to make a joke out of the entire situation.
He came over and asked, “Kate, this is…?”

Diana was truly scared that Kate might just introduce Oliver as her lover.

To her surprise, Oliver released Kate’s wrist and said slowly, “I am a bodyguard hired by Mr. Fulcher to
protect his wife.”

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