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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 92

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Chapter 92

“After Nina wakes up, tell her not to take so many secret photos of us. That’ll be the best way she can
repay me.” Oliver made it sound like a quid pro quo. He took a step to the side and kept a gentlemanly
distance from Diana. “Shall we?”

His words lifted the burden on Diana’s shoulders. “Okay. I’ll have a proper talk with Nina about this.
Thank you so much for your help.”

Diana was indeed afraid that something bad might happen if she went to the party alone. She would
feel a lot more confident with Oliver with her.

Upon reaching the Winnington residence, Diana was surprised to find the Winningtons treating her
better than ever.

Kate was waiting at the door for her, seemingly for a long time. Instead of getting angry with her for
being late,

she lovingly held out her hand to tuck a stray lock of hair behind Diana’s ear. “Why so messy? Quickly
go to your room and tidy yourself up.”

She sounded just like any other mother showing care and concern for her daughter, Diana.

However, Diana was not used to Kate’s affectionate behavior.

She subtly avoided Kate’s touch and tucked the lock of hair behind her ear again. She pulled out a box
made of rosewood and said, slightly anxious, “This is a brooch. It’s your birthday present.”

Because she was hospitalized, she was unable to return to the mansion and personally pick out a gift.
She was slightly worried that Kate might not fancy it.

Thankfully, the moment Kate saw the carved rosewood box, she could tell that it wasn’t cheap goods.
She immediately pulled Diana into the house, her face full of smiles. She went around introducing
Diana to everyone at the party. “This is Diana, my poor child who was lost for many years.”

Although there was an uproar when Diana knocked on their doors to seek her family three years ago,
forget introducing her officially, the Winningtons had never acknowledged her identity as one of them.

Although Diana couldn’t figure out why Kate was treating her like this, she remained standing
obediently next to Kate, nodding and smiling to everyone she met.

She wore a champagne colored dress with a V–neck and folds down her waist to hide her growing
belly. Its satin material looked soft and velvety, effectively highlighting her gentle and classy aura.

Some people gazed in awe at Diana and asked Kate in disbelief, “Is this the same Diana who came
from the countryside?”

Kate was filled with pride. “Yes, she looks completely different after coming to Richburgh!”

“She looks so much like James! He’s so blessed to have two beautiful daughters!”

Kate snuck a glance at Diana to observe her expression.

Diana didn’t seem to consider the possibility that she resembled Kayla, which made Kate slightly
disappointed yet thankful at the same time.

It was complicated.

Sooner or later, Diana was going to find out about the fact that she had been a replacement. She, as
Diana’s mother, would personally help her understand where she stood!

Kate considered herself extremely considerate and thoughtful toward Diana, and the smile on her face
widened. In keeping up with appearances as a blissful mother and daughter pair, she opened the
rosewood box that Diana gave her.

Although she was mentally prepared, Kate was almost blinded by the purple gemstones on the brooch.
Her smile widened even more. “Yes, I’m blessed too. This is my birthday gift from Diana.”

Everyone was envious.

Kate held Diana’s hand and pushed her toward the crowd with maternal pride as she whispered in the
latter’s ear, “Keep your eyes wide open. Many ladies here have sons. Although I cannot promise that
you’ll marry someone else in full glory after your divorce, I can promise to help you find a match and
ensure a good life ahead of you.‘

Diana felt like someone had poured an entire bucket of cold water over her head.

Diana pulled her hand away from Kate’s, feeling rather disgusted. “You’re treating me so well today,
pulling me here and there to introduce me to everyone. Is that just so I can find a rich man to be my

She even thought that Kate genuinely liked her gift and was showing it off to everyone, just like any

mother would do.

In the end, her mother was no ordinary mother. Kate would never understand the ordinary yet beautiful
love between a mother and daughter.

“Do you want me to be like Kayla, breaking up a marriage and stealing the position of the rightful

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