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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 80

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 80

Kate was joyful. She knew Diana wasn’t the same person she used to be three years ago. Her birthday
gift would certainly cost even more than the earrings she received previously.

Since it was Kate’s birthday, Kayla would have no reason to feel jealous if Diana gave her a gift.

Hence, this time, Kate didn’t refuse. Diana could sense she was smiling when she spoke. “I’m so glad


After leaving the ward, Julian drove straight to the Winnington residence.

He needed to speak to Kayla in person.

Half an hour later, at the Winnington residence.

Kayla looked at Julian in disbelief. “Julian, why did you say I can’t meet my sister? She really wouldn’t
hurt me! Aren’t you overthinking?”

“Just to be safe.” Julian made it brief but ambiguous. “I don’t want something like this to happen again.

Diana’s inability to get pregnant was indeed his fault, but when he heard what Luke said in the factory
unit, he realized he was subconsciously arguing from a logical standpoint. Back then, he really wasn’t
giving it much thought.

During the journey to the hospital, and with Diana in his arms, his heart nearly leaped out of his chest.

Fortunately, Diana wasn’t badly injured. She only needed to get proper rest to recover. However, he
saw that she wasn’t in a great state earlier. He was afraid staying in the hospital would only annoy her

even further, so he didn’t stay behind.

“As for the money Diana asked from the Winnington family, I’ll transfer the exact amount to you.” Julian
glanced at Kayla. “If she comes here and asks for money, give it to her.”

“Also, don’t tell her that I’ve been here.” Julian was unusually chatty today.

Diana was so stubborn. If she found out that Julian was merely transferring the fifteen million dollars
back and forth, she wouldn’t accept it. She might end up asking for money somewhere else.

If something bad were to happen again, how much would Julian owe her?

Kayla was stunned for a moment. After processing the things Julian said, she felt a little disappointed. ”
Julian, do you have nothing else to say to me apart from things related to my sister?”

“Am I doing that?” Julian seemed even more surprised than Kayla.

Was he constantly talking about Diana in front of Kayla?

This sudden knowledge made Julian feel as if someone just knocked his head with a hammer. The
feelings he had been suppressing suddenly resurfaced, and his facial expression stiffened somewhat.
“No way.”

Julian seemed to be saying that for himself, but it also sounded like he was saying it for Kayla. “Why
would I talk about her all the time?”

He wouldn’t possibly miss her all the time.

“Well she is your sister,” he added.

In other words, he only thought about Diana because of Kayla.

Even so, Kayla still looked at him in a seemingly disappointed manner.

She couldn’t control her expression any longer. She wanted to become Mrs. Fulcher, but she also
wanted Julian to love her unconditionally, just like the way he did three years ago.

That was the only way she would feel that her decision three years ago wasn’t a mistake.

She wouldn’t allow herself to be wrong.

Julian noticed the look on Kayla’s face. He quickly suppressed his emotions once again, and fixed his
gaze on Kayla. He then pointed at the wound that was barely visible on his forehead. “It might’ve been
because I got hurt two days ago. I’m still suffering from concussions. That’s why I haven’t been saying
the right things. I’ll get it checked when I’m free. Don’t worry.”

Kayla remained silent.

Would someone like Julian say such ridiculous things?

It seemed to Kayla that Diana really needed to die!

Kayla felt even more determined with her decision. Suddenly, she began to smile the way she used to
when Julian picked her up from school with a group of bodyguards. That time, all her classmates
watched her leave with envious looks in their eyes, and all her teachers looked at her respectfully.

Kayla was grinning from ear to ear, as if she had nothing to worry about. “Okay.”

She nodded obediently before taking Julian’s hand and placing it on her face. “Julian, the wound on my
face will heal faster if you touch it like this.”

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