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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 90

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Chapter 90

Diana wasn’t usually competitive, but her question betrayed her lack of confidence.

“Are you worried about meeting Kayla?” Nina got right to the heart of the matter.

Diana hesitated for a moment as she packed up her clothes. She held Nina’s hands as they exited the
ward, and finally replied, “Yes…”

Kate and James chose to treat Kayla as their treasure whom they could never bear to hurt and in turn
abandoned her, their biological daughter.

And Julian, whom she saw as her husband who would always dote on her and love her, fell deeply in
love with Kayla.

Even she herself lost out to Kayla so many times, and that was when she hadn’t even Kayla face–to–

A woman like Kayla…

Must be a beauty indeed.

Although Diana was determined to meet Kayla, she couldn’t shake off the worry in her heart. She was
worried she would lose to Kayla even in her looks, and therefore become the ultimate loser.

Nina saw the anxiety in Diana’s eyes, and her heart ached painfully for the latter.

Diana had never cared about her looks as she never lacked confidence. But with the emergence of
Julian and Kayla’s relationship, the confidence Diana used to have was slowly fading away.

What would happen if Diana were to see Kayla and find out that she was actually a replacement for

Would that shatter her confidence even further and traumatize her?

Despite her worries, Nina couldn’t find any other way to stop Diana from going to the Winnington

At the same time, she was worried that Diana and her baby would get hurt.

With every passing second, they walked further from the hospital. The further they went, the more
anxious Nina felt. She was so anxious and agitated that she suddenly passed out and lost

Diana was shocked out of her mind from the sudden turn of events. She immediately yelled at a nurse
passing by. “Quick, call for Dr. Vans!”

Coincidentally, Vans was busy with a surgery and was unable to come out.

Thankfully, Oliver started work today. Very soon, he noticed the commotion and quickly helped Diana.
“Is this Nina Ashlee?” He called for someone to bring a stretcher to lay Nina on. “Leave her to me.
Coincidentally, I started work at the A&E department today.”

Diana heard Vans mention in passing that Oliver was very experienced in his field, and was surprised
to hear that he was starting work at the A&E department. However, this wasn’t the time for chatting.
Diana quickly cooperated with them to push Nina into the observation ward.

Oliver was quick in diagnosing Nina. “What were both of you talking about when she fainted?”

Diana was stunned for a moment. “Nothing much…”

She had just mentioned Kayla.

Nina and Kayla didn’t have much interaction. Nina couldn’t possibly have fainted because of Kayla.

So… Why did she faint?

Diana had a feeling that each time she mentioned Kayla, Nina would have a strange expression. Yet,
she couldn’t fathom the reason why.

Oliver saw Diana’s knitted brows, and quickly reminded her to relax while trying to change the topic.
“Does Miss Nina frequently stay up through the night for work?”

Diana nodded. “Yes, she’s an entertainment reporter. She usually needs to stay up the entire night.”

“Fatigue and staying up all night are probably the fundamental reasons for her fainting this time.”

Oliver did not make clear that the real reason was because Nina was overwhelmed with agitation. He
surveyed Diana from head to toe, and awe flashed past his eyes. “Are you on your way to attending an

Diana nodded. “Yes.”

“Make your way there first.” Oliver reassured Diana that she could leave. “I’ll be with her, so don’t you

Diana was infinitely grateful for his help. “Are you sure Nina will be all right?”

“She’s fine. I’ll just hook her up to a nutrient solution, and she’ll be okay.”

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