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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 91

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Chapter 91

Diana heaved a sigh of relief, feeling immense gratitude toward Oliver. “I keep needing your help every
single time. I’m so embarrassed! Don’t you worry, I’ll definitely repay you handsomely one day.”

Oliver chuckled, revealing his canine teeth, which gentled his entire look. He urged her gently, “Go on,

It was getting late; if Diana didn’t head off right now, she really would be late for the party.

Now that Nina was unable to go with her, Diana felt less confident.

However, if she didn’t go to Kate’s birthday party… Diana could sense how elated Kate was when she
misunderstood and thought that Diana was specifically going to the Winningtons‘ to wish her a happy

And if she didn’t go today, what about that money?

Would the Winningtons go back on their word and think of a nasty plan to make her sign an even more
unfair contract?

Oliver saw the helpless look on her face and asked kindly, “What’s the matter?”

Diana smiled at him; it carried a tinge of helplessness. “The incident with Luke traumatized me a little.
Now, I tend to overthink when I go out.”

Aside from Nina, there was truly no one else she could trust.

“Is it a very important function?”

Diana nodded after a moment’s hesitation. “Yes, it is.”

Oliver took off his doctor’s robe, called for a colleague, and gave some instructions before walking
toward Diana. “I’ll go with you.”

Diana looked at him in shock. “That’s not right! This is your first day at work!”

“My medical skills are my best defense. They can’t afford to lose a talent like me just because of
something minor.” Oliver was seldom this confident, which made the air around him less tense. “What
Luke wore that day made it clear that he kidnapped you to take revenge on me. I’m to blame for not
settling things with him. properly, thereby implicating you. Now that I have a chance to set things right,
I’m naturally willing to help.”

When he followed her from the factory over here the day before yesterday, he had run around the
hospital the entire day.

Diana didn’t want him to spend any more time on her. “I’m the one who should thank you about the
Luke incident, so you shouldn’t…”

“Say no more.” Oliver suddenly chuckled as he looked at her. “Fate has intertwined our lives so tightly.
Rather than wasting time here, you should instead hurry up and bring me to the function. As for your
friend, Miss Nina, I’ve handed her over to my colleague. Vans will rush over after he’s done with his

Oliver had always been sensible in the way he deals with things. He would never burden others with
the things he says.

However, the fact that he was a good person wasn’t a good reason for Diana to keep relying on his
help, especially since he had already helped her so much. Plus, he already had a girlfriend..

Diana thought it would be good to clarify things with him.

“Dr. Channing,” she decided on a more appropriate term of address, “the function I’m about to attend is
a party the Winningtons are holding. There will be many people in attendance, and photos of the event
might be leaked to the media. I’m worried your girlfriend might misunderstand if she sees it.”

Oliver was stunned. Since when did he have a girlfriend?

Before he could respond to her, Diana lowered her volume and went on, “Please don’t be angry, but
Nina didn’t mean to photograph both of you together. It’s her work, after all. I swear, we didn’t spread
the news about you.”

The moment Diana mentioned a photograph, realization dawned upon Oliver.

Diana had misunderstood.

Fanny Smith was in truth his adopted sister, but because of her status as a celebrity, this fact was
never made public.

Oliver didn’t expect Nina Ashlee to be the one who photographed them while they were having a meal.

He supposed the 1.5 million dollars hush money was well–received in Nina’s pocket.

However, that was precisely the reason Diana misunderstood that he had a girlfriend.

But since the divorce proceedings were still ongoing between Diana and Julian, her misunderstanding
wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In turn, it allowed him to stay by her side without her overthinking.

Oliver decided to go along with the flow. “That’s fine. She’s very reasonable, and she was also very
apologetic about what had happened to you with Luke.”

Diana was shocked to hear that. Nina had once told her that Fanny Smith was a celebrity with a hell of
a temper. To think the real Fanny would be so kind and easy–going! It seemed rumors couldn’t be

trusted after all.

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