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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 89

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Chapter 89

“I’m sorry,” Julian muttered as he snapped back to reality. He really shouldn’t have come today; it only
served to make Diana’s blood boil many times in just a day.

“I should never have married you back then.”

How dare he deny everything that happened between them!

Shock flashed past Diana’s eyes. Her fingernails dug silently into the flesh of her palm. “I know. You
can leave now.”

As a pregnant woman, she knew she shouldn’t shriek and cry, not to mention getting agitated.

However, she had the right to cry.

So, she demanded, “Please, leave this room right now.”

She wanted to hide under the sheets and cry with her baby inside of her.

If his leaving can appease Diana’s anger and give her rest, Julian was willing to do so. “In the future, I’ll
never mention Kayla’s name to you.”


In light of her circumstances, Diana had every right to be angry. He was the inconsiderate one.

Later, Julian had a sleepless night.

Diana, on the other hand, forced herself to regain composure after a short cry.

She could do without a man, especially one who abandoned her so heartlessly, but she couldn’t do
without her baby.

She must have her meals and rest on time.

Yet, she kept experiencing many vivid dreams; they were always about the past, when Julian proposed
to her.

On that day, everything was beautiful.

“What are you doing?” Nina stood at the foot of Diana’s bed. She saw a smile tugging the corners of
Diana’s lips, and poked Diana’s cheek gently. “What sweet dreams are you having?”

Diana opened her eyes sleepily. “Dream?”

She smiled warmly. “It was a good dream indeed.”

Sadly, reality was harsh. No matter how beautiful things were between her and Julian in her dreams,
ultimately, she had to face reality.

“Wait.” Nina could always sense it when something was wrong with Diana. “Did something happen last
night after I left? You look off.”

“Nothing much.” Diana shook her head and tried to play things down, “Maybe it’s because of my
pregnancy, but my skin isn’t in a good condition. After I clean myself up, I just need to put on some eye
make–up for me and I’ll look fine.”

“Okay.” Nina agreed with what Diana said. Suddenly, an idea came to her mind. She leaned closer to

and said, “Since you aren’t feeling too well today, why don’t we just skip the birthday party? That’ll save
the possibility of a certain someone villainizing you as an ugly monster when they see you.”

Nina truly had enough of those high–society snobs.

What’s more, Diana would have no chance of bumping into Kayla if she missed the party.

However, Diana rejected Nina’s proposal immediately. “No, I must go.”

One, she wanted to personally wish her biological mother a happy birthday. Two, she wanted to get the
money as soon as possible so she could divorce Julian. Third… She wanted to meet this sister of hers,
whose destiny intertwined so tightly with hers and never failed to beat her at every step of the way.

Nina could sense the determination in Diana’s voice, and knew that her attempts would all be in vain.
“Fine. But whatever you do, I’ll always stay by your side.”

Diana rolled her eyes. “You’re so full of it.”

Very soon, the sound of running water came from the washroom. Diana cleaned herself up and
carefully put on make–up, which mellowed out her eyes and added an air of elegance to her features.
The dark red lipstick made her beauty stand out so much more.

Nina was in awe of her friend’s beauty. “Diana, you look wonderful!”

Pride filled Nina’s heart. In that instant, she was no longer worried about Diana bumping into Kayla.
She stared at Diana and uttered the praises she couldn’t hold back. “You look even better than Oliver’s
top celebrity girlfriend! Really!”

Diana’s mood improved with Nina’s compliments, lighting up her eyes. It added more depth to her
already outstanding features. Despite that, she couldn’t hide the anxiety that was beginning to bubble

inside her. ”


She pulled her hand and said anxiously, “What if Kayla looks better than I do?”

Diana lost to Kayla in all things. She didn’t want to lose to her in terms of appearance, too…

Back then, Julian told her that he married her because of her face; because she looked beautiful.

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