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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 88

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Chapter 88

To be able to see Kayla’s smile and make her happy every day was a dream Julian wanted to fulfil the
moment he recognized Kayla as the one who saved him when he was a child.

Aside from himself, no one knew that the Julian Fulcher of that night was seeking death.

However, that was also the first time he truly felt like there was someone in this world who was willing
to risk her life for him.

Strangers they may be….

It was a beautiful moment he wanted to guard with his life, and also a kind heart that he wanted to
protect with all he had.

Thankfully, things never changed even after Kayla grew up.

She remained gentle, kind, and genuine, and was always caring toward Diana.

Yet during those three years when Kayla disappeared, Julian began a relationship with Diana when he
shouldn’t have.

In the process, treating Diana well became a habit he cultivated.

Unfortunately, Diana knew nothing.

She mistook it all for true love.

She even thought that her experience was a once–in–a–lifetime romance, just like what champagne


It was why she felt so angry and helpless upon discovering that Julian fancied another woman.

But just now, when she asked him about the child, she clearly sensed that he was lying and that he had
never considered things from her perspective. Despite that, she couldn’t help but greedily take in the
paltry warmth he offered. She almost forgot all the pain he brought to her, just for the sake of his lie: “I
want to see you happy.”

That itself made her happy.

Julian saw the tears welling up in her eyes and a silly smile hanging on her lips, and couldn’t hold back


Very soon, a thought popped up in his head. Without realizing it, he asked, “Do you think Kayla will be
happy knowing how I’m treating you?”

Kayla was clearly indignant when he left her today.

It was because of his relationship with Diana.

Kayla didn’t smile.

But Diana smiled.

Who exactly was he trying to please?

Who exactly did he want to see happy?

Julian’s head was in a mess once again. Such a thing never happened, even when he was handling
projects worth millions of dollars.

“I like Kayla,” he emphasized even before Diana responded to his question. “I really like her.”

He carried Diana back onto her bed. Out of habit, he took off her shoes and held her feet in his hands
to warm

them up, but Diana pulled them rudely out of his hands.

Suddenly… Bam!

She landed a swift kick on his shoulder.

Having finally delivered a kick to Julian, Diana felt immensely better. “You don’t need to tell me how
much you like Kayla!”

She had eyes! She could see that for herself!

“Take your blanket with you and scram!”

She didn’t need him reminding her that despite being his wife, things were in an ugly state for her.

Julian didn’t expect the kick at all, and ended up collapsing on the floor. He had never been treated like
this in his entire life, and was so shocked that he forgot about getting back up on his feet.

He simply stared at her face, which was full of wrath.

He recalled Vans’s instructions not to provoke her anger.

Yet, the moment he appeared, Diana was bound to get angry.

They were indeed…not suited for each other.

“Why are you still here?” Diana felt disgusted when she recalled his earlier words. “Take your blanket
and scram! Do you not understand English?“

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