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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 85

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Chapter 85

Nina dared not tell Diana what she had seen. In the end, she could only buy some new cosmetics for
Diana on her way back to the hospital.

Diana found it strange. “I have a lot of make–up. You couldn’t find them?”

“I was too lazy to go to the hillside mansion. Since I’m on leave tomorrow, I need to rush to the office.
today.” Nina pursed her lips nonchalantly as she flung the cosmetics in Diana’s way. “Continue to have
a good rest. I’ll come find you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Diana waved goodbye to Nina. After that, she pulled out her tablet, leaned back, and sketched
out some designs.

After Diana married Julian, she stopped working in fashion design. She was, however, truly talented.
No matter where or when, she was able to sit down and design clothes effortlessly.

The starry gown that she was currently working on was proof of her impeccable talent. It was
something she was most satisfied with.

Diana planned this to be a gift to Oliver’s girlfriend, to express her thanks to Oliver for having done so
much to help her. As said girlfriend was a top celebrity, Diana wanted to perfect the dress first before
discussing it with Oliver.

However, she didn’t expect Julian to suddenly drop by.

She immediately put her tablet aside. “Why are you here?”

He placed the porridge and side dishes on the table next to her. “I asked Vans about your condition. He
mentioned that you haven’t eaten, so I came over.”

The less she expected from him, the more warmth she felt from the unexpected surprise.

When she looked up and saw the look in his eyes, however, her heart chilled.

The way he was looking at her…

Was no longer the same as it was before. It was clear and forthright, as if he was drawing a clear line

them both.

Strange. She was clearly the one who said that she hoped for a clear boundary between them. Yet
when she saw the clear signal in his eyes, her heavily punctured heart ached once more.

Things always turned out like this.

No matter how many times Julian broke her heart to wretched pieces, it never failed to come alive
again with a single move or look of his.

At the same time, it also experienced death time and time again.

Diana shifted her eyes away, trying her best to make her voice calm and distant. “Thank you.”

Julian glanced at his watch, realizing that he had stood in the room for a full five minutes, during which
both of them remained silent. However, he didn’t have any intention of leaving; in fact, he felt his mood
improving by leaps and bounds.

See? Noel and his analyses were right after all.

Diana treated him and Oliver differently indeed. She didn’t talk about returning Julian the money, even
after seeing the food he brought her.

The realization set fireworks alight in Julian’s heart. Even his deep, dark eyes shone like a window that
had opened to let light into a dark room. He lifted the porridge and side dishes, and said eagerly, “I’ll
help you open them up.”

As he did so, he even peeled some quail eggs for her, making sure they were completely deshelled.
“Vans said that aside from food that’s easily digested, you need more protein.”

His head was lowered, his brows arching gently.

It felt like things had returned to before he asked for a divorce.

Diana wondered if she was dreaming.

However, she was all too aware that her heart had been heavily wounded; she had merely hidden

wounds well. A light tug was enough to hurt her deeply. How could this terrible pain Julian had brought
her be nothing but a mere dream?

Despite her racing thoughts, she calmly received the bowl of porridge from Julian.

“This time, it’s not pumpkin porridge,” Julian spoke up again. “Just drink it up. I bought the wrong flavor
last time. I went to look for you after that, but you weren’t in the living room anymore.”

It was that time when she drank up the entire bowl of pumpkin porridge even though she knew that her

couldn’t take it.

She didn’t expect him to bring the matter up, and didn’t even consider the possibility that he went to the
living room to find her. Mixed feelings tossed about in her heart. “It’s fine.” Her grip tightened around

the spoon. “I didn’t drink much of it after realizing it was pumpkin porridge, and poured the rest down


“Okay.” Julian nodded. “I knew you’d do that.”

Compared to Kayla, Diana was more sensible in dealing with things that came her way. She wouldn’t
do stupid things like hurting her own body when she clearly knew that it was pumpkin porridge.

Julian watched her eat for a few moments. Suddenly, he said dazedly, “I’m not leaving tonight.“

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