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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

At first, Diana thought she heard him wrongly.

Her hand, which was holding a spoon, paused for a brief moment. She didn’t understand what Julian
meant by that, and her eyes were filled with shock and doubt. “Not leaving? Are you staying in my

“No.” Julian burst out laughing.

His laugh frustrated her. She wanted to ask what he meant by saying something that would easily give
others the wrong idea. When she looked up, his handsome features fell in her eyes.

It was always like that; despite seeing this face umpteen times, her heart never failed to beat faster
each time she looked at his beautiful face.

This was especially so with his side profile turned toward her, which made his high nose bridge and
cheek bones look even more attractive. His sharp jawline was clearly the work of gods, adding
elegance and class to his aura. He was bound to be the center of attention wherever he went.

Diana shifted her gaze away uneasily, trying to hide the blush that was creeping up her face. In a voice
laced with guilt, she babbled, “I’m sorry, I misunderstood you.

“What did you think I meant?” Julian arched his brows, taking in her embarrassment as he asked
deliberately, “Did the thought of both of us squeezing on this tiny hospital bed cross your mind?”

“Cough, cough, cough…!” Diana choked on the mouth of porridge she just took as embarrassment and
ire crossed her face. “Julian Fulcher!”

She was clearly annoyed to death with him, but he could always make her forget her hate toward him
and make her heart beat for him once again.

“Yes, I’m listening,” he said in a deep voice as he stepped forward to gently pat her back. His deep
voice was like a firecracker exploding right next to her ear as emotions raced through her heart. “Eat
slowly, I’m not going anywhere.”

He was so gentle, just like he was before, yet Diana’s heart fell.

She truly felt that this man was crazy.

Aside from his strange mood swings, how was he able to come and tease her so forthrightly and even
pat her back to help with her choking right after their quarrel?

If this were in the past, it would look just like a married couple having a little scuffle.

But now…

The blush across Diana’s face gradually faded. “I’m Kayla’s sister, and am about to be your ex–wife.”

Regarding the child, she wasn’t magnanimous enough to immediately pretend that nothing happened.
“Mr. Fulcher, please take note of your boundaries when talking to me.”

Julian’s eyes narrowed as he mercilessly used Diana’s words against her. “Then as Kayla’s sister,
what’s the meaning of being in an enclosed room with your future brother–in–law at a time like this,
unceremoniously eating up the food I brought and even urging me to peel quail eggs for you?”

What was this sudden talk about sisters?

She didn’t even want a sister like Kayla!

Diana pointed out the error of his words in a huff, “When did I urge you to peel quail eggs for me?”

“Just now, through the look in your eyes,” Julian replied calmly. “You kept looking at my hands. Wasn’t
that a hint?”

She was, in fact, just thinking that he had a beautiful pair of hands.

Be it porridge or quail eggs, this was in fact supper time for her.

Because she didn’t feel bloated or nauseous, she took a few mouths, thinking that the protein and non–
oily food would be good nutrition for her and the baby.

She didn’t expect Julian to point fingers first and accuse her of crossing the line.

“If you had boundaries, you wouldn’t even come here in the first place.” Diana thought about the baby
and couldn’t help but recall the words that Julian said at the desolated factory. She put the chopsticks
down and went on, “Future brother–in–law, please leave right now. I need rest.”

Julian chuckled as he stepped forward to clear the food away.

He checked the windows in the ward before tucking her into the sheets. “Have a good rest.”

Once again, his words made Diana’s heart leap and sent mixed thoughts racing through her mind.

Yet, she knew that he no longer had feelings for her.

He probably thought of her as an entertaining toy, whom he thought of on a whim and decided to come
over to tease because he had nothing else better to do.

She should have kicked him out at once, but she knew she would never be capable of doing so.

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