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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 84

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Chapter 84

“I’d go

even if you didn’t bring that up!” Nina had been blaming herself for not insisting on accompanying
Diana to Springlake Garden. “This time, I need to stay by your side no matter what!”

“I feel much better after hearing that.” Diana looked at Nina smilingly, her face filled with gentleness.

Nina shot Diana a pensive stare. “I feel like you’ve changed a little.”

Diana was shocked. “How so?”

“Well…” Nina thought about it. “I can’t really tell, but maybe it’s your aura? Whatever it is, you feel more
motherly. But that might be because I know that you’re pregnant.”

Her words made Diana anxious. “No way.” She looked solemnly at Nina. “Now that you’ve heard about
what Julian thinks from me, I can’t take that risk.”

Even if he found out about the baby, it wouldn’t be a big deal if he didn’t love the baby.

But what if he forced her to abort the baby?

Therefore, Diana must hide her pregnancy at all cost.

Diana requested Nina to go to the hillside mansion to fetch some of her cosmetics. “I need them after I
get discharged from the hospital tomorrow afternoon. Quick, go.”

Nina thought of the possibility of Julian forcing Diana to abort the baby, but instinctively rebutted, “Even
a vicious tiger won’t eat its cubs. Julian wouldn’t do that, would he…?”

“Hah!” Diana chuckled. “From the way he dealt with Luke after that incident, isn’t it clear enough?”

Julian was completely biased toward Kayla.

He made himself clear that he would only allow one woman to bear his child. Diana wasn’t that woman;
Kayla was.

The moment Julian found out about Diana’s baby, the baby would be in danger.

She didn’t think so deeply about it yesterday; the thought only occurred to her today.

“I’ve already made myself clear, but did he bother to investigate whether Kayla or I lied?” Although
Diana herself was involved, she felt that she could see everything as clear as day.

After all, no one was as hurt as her over that incident.

Therefore, she felt the pain the deepest and most genuinely.

“No, he didn’t.” Despair suddenly overwhelmed Nina. “Do these rich men have a change of heart so

Diana knew what Nina was worried about. At first, she wanted to tease Nina about Nina having already
broken up with Vans. On second thought, she decided to be direct about it. “Actually, after this incident,
I keep having this feeling that Julian never did have a sudden change of heart.”

Nina’s heart leapt with fear when she heard that.

“W–Why do you say so?”

Diana had clearly said she wasn’t able to see Kayla, because her face was covered during her
kidnapping. By right, she shouldn’t have figured out the relationship between herself, Julian, and Kayla.

Tomorrow at the birthday party, Nina vowed to find all sorts of ways to stop Diana and Kayla from
seeing each other. That way, Nina could ensure that Diana would never know that Julian saw her
merely as Kayla’s replacement.

But now…

Why did Diana suddenly say that?

Nina’s palms grew clammy with sweat. “Come on, tell me. Why do you say so?”

“I don’t know.” Diana shrugged. “It’s just my intuition. I even think everything I feel confused about
might become clear to me after I see Kayla tomorrow.”

As it turned out, Diana was still thinking about seeing Kayla at the birthday party.

If the fact that she was a replacement were exposed, what would happen to the baby in her womb…?

Where would Diana, who depended on the baby for emotional strength, go?

Nina really wanted to stop Diana from attending the birthday party. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make up
a good reason for it. Thus, she could only flee the scene with a troubled heart. “I’ll go and get your
make–up right now!”

She didn’t expect the Fulcher residence to have already begun clearing out Diana’s belongings.

When Nina walked into Diana’s bedroom, she saw that all of Diana’s cosmetics had been thrown into
the trash can.

How cold and heartless!

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