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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 83

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Chapter 83

“Of course she does,” Noel nodded. “Madam does have feelings for you. She looks like she has stars
in her eyes each time she looks at you, which clearly shows that she likes you. But because of the

Noel did feel regretful about how things progressed between the two of them.

However, the moment Julian saw how much Diana resembled Kayla, things between them were
destined to

end like this.

Noel stopped mid–sentence and did not speak any further. “What’s more, after what happened with
Luke, I paid special attention and noticed that Madam and Mr. Oliver might really just be friends.”

“No, not even friends.” Julian appeared smug as he went on, “When I went to the hospital, Diana didn’t
look carefully and thought I was Oliver, and said that she wanted to transfer the cost of her meals to

Do friends need to be so calculative over a little bit of money for her favorite porridge and side dishes?

It only goes to show that Diana saw Oliver as an outsider.

“You’re right.” Noel nodded, thinking that Julian’s analysis was even more detailed and agreed with it. ”
What’s more, Luke kidnapping Madam probably had something to do with Mr. Oliver helping Madam on
the subway before. He wanted to take revenge on Madam and Mr. Oliver. Given the danger that
Madam was in at this time, she might blame Mr. Oliver to a certain extent…”


Julian was very pleased with Noel’s words, his eyes gleaming like the stars in the galaxy. “You do have
experience with women. Not only are you able to help me analyze the problems in my relationship, but
you’re also capable of seeing through a woman’s mind.”

Noel suddenly felt awkward. “Sir, your sudden compliments are quite embarrassing.”

“That’s nothing.” Julian thought about how Diana’s feelings toward Oliver might change, and his mood.
soared yet again. “If you’re right, you should be praised.”

He silently decided to make sure that Diana was around when he treated Oliver to a meal. That would

certainly make Oliver uncomfortable, since Oliver could probably sense that Diana was upset with him!

Led on by Julian’s shower of compliments, Noel added, “How should we deal with the different stories
Madam and Miss Kayla are saying regarding Luke’s kidnapping?”


“That’s all right.” Julian chuckled. “As you’ve said, Diana does have deep feelings for me.‘

Realization dawned on Noel at once. “You mean that Madam is antagonistic towards Miss Kayla in all
things, so when their stories contradict, you’d naturally believe Miss Kayla’s words to be the truth.”

“Yes.” Julian nodded. “What’s more, Kayla’s timid. She wouldn’t dare lie to me.”

All the more he refused to believe Diana’s accusation that Kayla would always tell lies behind people’s
backs and target her.

After all, Kayla is the woman of his choice.

Now that Diana was forced to get a divorce and had found out the truth behind as to why she was
unable to get pregnant over the past three years, she would surely bear a grudge toward Kayla.

“But I won’t count it against her, no matter what she says.”

After all, Diana did work hard over these three years.

Julian noticed all the difficulties that she had to overcome.

It was why he insisted on compensating her.

As for the fifteen million dollars, he had it prepared and would leave it to her however she wanted to
deal with it. Either way, if she went to the Winningtons again for the money, Kayla wouldn’t meet her.

The last thing he could do for her was to not let her know that she was Kayla’s replacement.

After a couple of short showers, the weather turned cool in a blink of an eye.

Because of Van’s instructions to take the medicine on time and rest well, Diana didn’t dare to move
around much. Except for when she had to take the dydrogesterone tablets on time, she was always
lying on the hospital bed and resting.

Despite staying indoors, she could still feel the coolness of the autumn day.

She asked Nina for help to send some clothes over, and discussed with Nina about attending Kate’s
birthday party at the Winnington residence.

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