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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 79

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 79

However, Julian made sure Diana and Kayla were separated when he arrived at the factory unit. One
was in the car, while the other remained in the factory unit.

What happened before he arrived?

Julian couldn’t help but frown when he thought of this possibility. “Did you speak to Kayla today?”

Diana was extremely disappointed with him. “Even if you knew I had no intention of harming her a
week ago, you’d still worry that I might be a threat to her.” She pulled the cover over her head. “I’m
tired. You

should leave.”

Julian didn’t press on any further. “I’m not worried that you’d do anything to hurt her.”

His tie felt a little too tight, and he removed it impatiently. “Forget it.”

There was no point in having this discussion with her.

The sound of his footsteps gradually faded into the distance.

Diana slowly opened her eyes. The room now seemed empty again. A look of disappointment briefly
appeared in her eyes.

Ever since she got hurt, Julian never once asked her if she was in pain. He didn’t ask if she had eaten.
It didn’t even seem like he wanted to stay around to spend time with her.

The ordinary days they spent together in the past now seemed to have become something she could

dream of.

However, she needed to move on in life.

Diana swallowed the bitterness in her, and gave the Winningtons a call. “I didn’t receive the money
today. I need to set up a new appointment with Kayla.”

“Diana…” Kate was the one who picked up. She immediately started berating Diana. “How can you be
this cold? Such a major incident happened, and you didn’t even call your sister to ask how she’s doing!
She couldn’t eat dinner because she was so worried about you. On the other hand, the first thing you
do when you call is to ask for money. Do we owe you money?”

Didn’t the Winningtons know that they owed her this much?

Diana pursed her lips. “What about me? I suffered even worse injuries than Kayla. You, my biological
mother, didn’t even call to ask how I was doing. Kayla is an even bigger joke! If she cared so much
about me, why didn’t some come to visit? Oh, I know. She’s only saying how she’s worried about me. I
bet she’d rather die than do anything for me.”

“Diana! You were only rescued because of Kayla!” Kate didn’t pay attention to Diana’s sarcasm at all.
Instead, she became even more furious. “Why did you think Julian was in a hurry to save you two? It
was because of Kayla!”

Besides, once they got divorced, Diana would have to depend on Kayla. If Diana behaved more
submissively, she would reap more benefits in the future.

Why couldn’t Diana understand this?

It seemed Kate’s line of thinking had been wrong in the past. She had to let Diana find out the truth that
she was Kayla’s substitute. That was the only way she’d stop making sarcastic remarks about Kayla!

This was Kate’s way of ensuring Diana had a backup plan.

It was also one of the few things Kate could do for Diana as her mother. Kate made up her mind.
“Come to the Winnington residence at eight in the morning tomorrow. I’ll let you meet Kayla.”

Tomorrow morning at eight?

The fact that it was so soon was one thing, but whether Diana’s body could even handle it was another.

Did Kate ever once think on behalf of her biological daughter?

Diana was a little upset. “My body hasn’t recovered yet. Let’s make it the day after tomorrow. I’ll bring
my friend along.”

Kate clearly gasped. Her breathing became a little uneven. “Do you remember my birthday?”

Birthday? Was Kate’s birthday the day after tomorrow?

Diana suddenly felt a pang of guilt. She didn’t specifically answer Kate’s question, and instead said, “I’ll
bring a gift for you. I won’t embarrass you.”

This time, Diana was adamant not to let the incident like the earrings repeat itself. Kayla wouldn’t be
the one to decide whether her gift remained or not.

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