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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 77

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 77

“Ever since you changed Forget Me Not to Lily, I stopped liking them.” Diana looked hatefully at Julian.

when you walked in with roses just now, I didn’t just dislike them. I practically hated them! I hate roses!”

Diana hated the fact that roses represented devotion to someone for a lifetime.

More importantly, Diana hated that Julian was the one who brought the flowers.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Fulcher? Did you make sure Kayla was well attended to before recalling me,
who was played by you like a fool? Was that why you eagerly made your way to the hospital to create a
beautiful ending to a horrible day?”

the one

Julian knew Diana was implying something else. “Diana, that’s not what I meant. I apologize for what I
did to prevent you from getting pregnant. I should’ve told you about it sooner.”

“Stop it!” Diana clenched her jaw and glared furiously at him. “Shut up, Julian!”

She didn’t want to hear about it a second time.

She also didn’t want to recall how she made excuses for Julian whenever Grandma asked her about it.

How did Julian view her when she held his hand and prayed for God to give them a baby?

He probably thought she was dumb and naive enough to think she could have his child!

Diana’s heart ached terribly at that. Her hands under the covers were trembling uncontrollably. If Vans
hadn’t saved her baby today, she honestly had no idea if she would have gone mad.

She felt so much pain, but she couldn’t express her feelings in words.

Diana looked away from Julian. “I can’t accept these roses. Kayla might find out and want to hurt me
again. Please take them away, Mr. Fulcher.”

Julian was stunned. “Why would Kayla hurt you?”

“That’s precisely what she wanted to do.” Diana stared straight into Julian’s eyes. She wasn’t going to
miss any expression on his face. “It wasn’t solely my idea to meet at a coffee shop a week ago. How
did that go? 1 became the person who wanted to hurt her. All of you thought I was the trouble–maker.
Don’t tell me Kayla had nothing to do with this.”

“And today.” Diana paused for a moment. “She clearly had her phone with her. I even heard her calling
out Luke’s name, but she didn’t contact you or the police right away. Instead, she quietly followed us. In
fact, she even recorded a video of me being humiliated. Don’t you find any of this strange? Oh, right. Of
course, you wouldn’t! You’d only think that Kayla, fortunately, wasn’t bullied like me, and she wasn’t hit
like I was.”

Julian shifted his gaze downward. His long eyelashes covered his eyes and concealed his true
emotions.” You’re not in a good mood. We’ll talk once you get better.”

“This has nothing to do with my emotions. I’m only telling the truth,” Diana snapped.

As for whether Julian was willing to believe this or not, it was his choice. Anyway, she wasn’t going to
keep her feelings to herself any longer. It only hurt her and her baby. Vans told her that the baby would
grow to be healthier if she was in a better mood by letting her feelings out.

Julian’s gaze turned cold. “Does telling the truth mean saying bad things and denying facts? You’re not

acting like Kayla’s older sister at all! She’d never speak about you like this. On the contrary, she’s
always looking out for you. Diana, don’t blame her for what I did to stop you from getting pregnant. It’s
my fault for not telling you the truth.”

Diana placed her hand on her stomach. Thankfully, her baby couldn’t hear the cruel things its parents
were saying to each other. “It’s not that you don’t want children. You just don’t want to have children
with me.”

Julian froze for a moment. “Well, what about you? You said Kayla didn’t call the police right away. You
were both under Luke’s control! How was Kayla supposed to call the police? She’s only an ordinary
girl! Diana, you can’t hate her for what the Winnington family did to you.‘

At the end of the day, Kayla would always be seen as the kind one, while Diana was the evil one.

Diana sneered sarcastically. “Did she tell you we were kidnapped by Luke together? Did you believe
everything she said, chairman of Fulcher Inc.?“

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