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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 78

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 78

Julian continued to speak in a formal tone. “Diana, you need evidence for such accusations.”

“I can’t be bothered to provide any evidence. I’m sure there are ways for you to investigate further,”
Diana replied coldly.


“It’s getting late. Mr. Fulcher, you should hurry and make your way to her. She might get worried and
call you again.”

‘What about you?‘

‘Don’t you need someone to accompany you?‘

However, Julian was in no place to ask these questions. If he did, Diana would be in an even worse

There was a strange feeling he couldn’t quite describe in his chest. It felt like something was making it
hard for him to breathe. He wanted to get some fresh air outside. “In that case, have a good rest. Luke
won’t cause you any trouble in the future.”

“Wait!” Diana suddenly sat upright. She tossed Julian a cream that Vans prescribed for her external
wounds, and pretended to unintentionally glance at his hands. “Thanks for dealing with Luke, but I don’t
want to owe you anything. You have wounds on your hands. Don’t forget to get them cleaned and
apply this cream on the

affected areas.”

They used to be an intimate couple, but they now spoke about gratitude and not wanting to owe each


Even so, Julian was elated that she was concerned about him. It felt like somebody had wiped away
the stuffy feeling in his chest. He could finally breathe easier now.

Apart from Diana, nobody else seemed to have noticed that his wounds hadn’t been tended to yet.
Even Kayla

didn’t ask him about it.

Wind blew against the window and made a banging sound. It was agitating, but Julian seemed to be
smiling. He put the cream away. “With regards to the fifteen million dollars…”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Fulcher. I’ll repay you all the money,” Diana said.

“You don’t have to,” Julian stressed. “I’ve already transferred the thirty thousand dollars back to your
account. You only need to repay the Winningtons.”

“Looks like you’ve already found out I was asking the Winnington family for money,” Diana retorted
stubbornly. “However, there are things you cannot control. I don’t know why you showed up with roses,
but we’ve reached the point where getting a divorce is inevitable.”

Diana refused to come in between Julian and Kayla. That would only make life difficult for herself.

“I have to repay you the money. A clear line needs to be drawn between the two of us,” she added.

Julian felt helpless as he observed her stubborn attitude. “How am I supposed to repay you?”

Diana didn’t expect Julian to say this. Her tone softened. “I’ll always remember everything you’ve given

during the three years we’ve been married.”

She took a deep breath as she thought about the past, and did her best to hold back her tears. This
was the first time she talked about the future in such a serious tone. “All you need to do is stay out of
my life after we get divorced.”

She didn’t want him to find out about their baby’s existence.

In the past, she was afraid he would take her baby away. Now, she was afraid he wouldn’t be able to
love the baby like a real father, and that would hurt the baby’s feelings.

She didn’t mind being hurt by him, but she wouldn’t allow her baby to get hurt.

“If you’re afraid I might hurt Kayla when I see her, you can hire someone to follow me. I don’t mind.
However, I have to see Kayla,” Diana said stubbornly.

Otherwise, she would end up owing the Winningtons fifteen million dollars. She couldn’t accept that.

However, there was no point in telling Julian any of this. “There are only three weeks left until our
agreed time of divorce. Keep an eye on the Winningtons so that they don’t play any tricks. I’ll do my
best to get out of your life as soon as possible, so that you can be with Kayla.”

Diana even blinked after finishing her sentence. “Perhaps we might even be able to get divorced

Divorce this, divorce that. Was their divorce the only thing they could talk about when they met?

Did she have to talk about it in such a chirpy manner?

Julian felt agitated at the sight of Diana’s excitement.

Her attitude regarding their divorce had changed so drastically. Did she find out that she was Kayla’s

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