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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 75

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 75

Kayla was stunned by the sight before her. “Julian, these are…”

“Pick whichever you like.” Julian nudged her forward a little. “If you want, you can stick them onto your
phone to accessorize it.”

How could he make such expensive things sound like stickers by the road?

Back then, Kayla couldn’t quite wrap her head around how rich the Fulcher family was such that Diana,
a hillbilly, nonchalantly spent fifteen million dollars.

Now, she finally understood.

During the three years she had been away, Fulcher Inc. had ascended to a whole new level. Becoming
Mrs. Fulcher was even more wonderful than she had ever imagined!

“Thank you, I’m flattered.” Kayla tried not to appear overjoyed. She didn’t notice that Julian had already
walked away from her. “But this is too expensive. I can’t accept it.”

She did her best to look away from those shiny diamonds. “Julian, I choose to be with you not because
of your money. You know that…”

“Yeah. I just want to apologize for my poor behavior today.” Julian waved his hand. “Since she can’t
make a choice, send all four boxes of these diamonds to the Winnington family.”

Kayla was shocked by her sudden good fortune. After a long pause, she started speaking again.
“Julian, is too much. Mom will be angry with me. As a kid, she taught me not to accept gifts from others
so casually…”

“I’ll give you even more gifts in the future.” Julian looked down and signed on the bill. He briefly thought
about the way Kate treated Diana before recalling what Kate had said. Suddenly, he felt a tad bit


However, he quickly suppressed the strange emotion.

“You’ll get used to it.”

Kayla couldn’t keep it together and hugged Julian from behind. “Thank you, Julian. You’re so good to

Julian didn’t think much of it. “You saved my life. If anything, you’re the one who’s good to me.”

Kayla’s smile suddenly grew stiff. She hugged him even more tightly. “Yeah! I’m glad I rescued you
when I was seven! That’s how we ended up together.”

After Kayla and Julian parted ways, Kayla didn’t immediately return to the Winnington family.

Instead, she went to Lucy’s house.

As soon as she walked through the door, she leaned against the door frame and slid to the ground.
“Mom…” “What happened?” Lucy’s expression of joy turned into one of shock. “Your father just called
me and said Julian sent us four boxes of high–quality diamonds. He said the diamonds were for you to
accessorize your phone with. We’re talking about four boxes! All that to make you happy! What else
could you ask for?”

“I’m not asking for more. I’m overwhelmed.” Kayla felt completely drained. She barely had any energy


to speak.

Lucy frowned and helped Kayla to her feet. “You’re about to become Mrs. Fulcher. Stop slouching.
Stand up straight!”

“Mrs. Fulcher…” Kayla murmured. She instantly felt better. “Oh, Mom, you’re right! I’m going to be Mrs.
Fulcher soon. There’s nothing I need to fear!”

“What do you fear?” Lucy asked.

Kayla looked down. “Julian brought up the fact that he was saved at the age of seven…”

That was when Kayla and Julian got to know each other.

Kayla and Lucy both knew that Diana was the one who looked after Julian when he passed out from
the cold. She started a fire and kept him warm throughout the night. It wasn’t Kayla.

However, Diana disappeared the next day when Julian woke up.

After returning to Richburgh, Julian bumped into Kayla, who looked very much like Kayla, and mistook
her for Diana. Ever since then, he started taking good care of Kayla.

Lucy immediately sighed in relief after hearing this. “Silly girl! Since he brought it up in front of you, that
meant he had no idea you weren’t the one who saved him! Diana, on the other hand…” Lucy’s gaze
gradually became fierce. “We shouldn’t spare her.”

“That’s right.” Kayla nodded. She told Lucy everything that happened today. “Letting them get a divorce
isn’t enough. Mom, I want Diana dead!”

Diana would only stop being a threat once she was dead!

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