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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 74

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 74

“Nonsense!” Julian caught himself fidgeting briefly. He quickly stubbed out the cigarette, not even
realizing he was feeling nervous. “Don’t you know what Diana means to me?”

“She’s your wife.” Kayla looked down at her shoes. “After all, you’ve been together for three years.”

Three years, which equaled over a thousand days and nights, was a period of time Kayla wasn’t
involved in Julian’s life.

However, Diana and Julian were intimate with each other throughout that time.

“Don’t overthink.” Julian pulled Kayla into his arms. “I feel nothing but guilt toward Diana. You know that
better than anyone. She suffered a lot because of me.”

“Yeah, I know.” Kayla nestled up against him. She turned her giddy smile into a look of sadness. “I
know Diana’s life hasn’t been easy. I also know she’s only my substitute. I know that you like me too.
There’s nothing for me to worry about, but today… When you pushed me to the ground and brought
Diana to the hospital, I felt very sad. I’m being very selfish, aren’t I? I know very well that Diana’s
injuries were much worse than mine, but I still…”

“It wasn’t your fault.” Julian patted Kayla gently on the back. “It was an emergency. It won’t happen

“As long as you’re by my side, I’ll soon forget about Diana completely,” Julian added.

Their life together wouldn’t be affected.

After all, only three weeks were left until the divorce between him and Diana took place.

Three more weeks, and everything would be back to normal.

Half an hour later, at SK Mobile.

Julian brought Kayla along and pointed at the counter. “These are all the newest models. Pick
whichever you


“I’ve been using that phone for a very long time. I can get it fixed…”

That way, Kayla could pretend to accidentally upload the video while her phone was being fixed.

Diana would then become the talk of the town in Richburgh. When the time came, she would be too
embarrassed to meet anyone. Julian would also hate Diana’s guts.

“It’s completely broken. Get a new one.” Julian looked at her, as if he seemed to know exactly what she
was thinking. “The video has been deleted. Don’t ever bring that up.”

Kayla was briefly intimidated by the look in his eyes. In fact, she could sense that he was giving her a
sharp warning.

There was no way she could excuse herself for helping Luke with the video.

Fortunately… Julian seemed to not have discovered her hatred toward Diana.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t accompany her to get a new phone while Diana was still in the hospital.

Thinking of this, Kayla was pleased. She smiled and wrapped her arm around Julian’s. She then
randomly pointed at one of the newest phone models. “As you wish, Julian. I’ll go with this one.”

“Okay.” As soon as Julian uttered this, four employees from a jewelry store walked into the mobile
phone. store. “Mr. Fulcher.”

Julian nodded. They quickly stood in a row.

The four of them simultaneously opened four boxes of jewelry. The moment the light in the store hit the
diamonds in the boxes, they glistened in an almost blinding way.

They smiled at Kayla, as if she was their most respected customer in the world, while they patiently

introduced the diamonds to her.

“Miss Winningtong, these are LA–type diamonds.”

“These are LB–type diamonds.”

“These are LLA–type diamonds.”

“These are LLB–type diamonds.”

Each of the boxes contained diamonds that were practically priceless.

Being able to afford these diamonds was one thing, but ordinary people might never even get the
chance to see so many rare goods at the same time!

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