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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 72

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 72

Julian knew Diana was hurt both physically and psychologically today, but he still told her the harsh
truth about their child. He personally destroyed the facade they had been working hard to have a child
for the past three years.

Clearly, Julian never wanted to have a child with Diana.

He just didn’t want to keep lying to her, but he didn’t think it would result in such a huge impact.

This was the first time Vans saw Julian so nervous. When he saw Julian carrying Diana over, he
immediately ran over to check on her. “Is she bleeding?”

“Those are stains from the blood on Julian’s hand,” Oliver explained before Julian could reply. “Diana


However, the blood clearly flowed from between her thighs.

Vans didn’t point it out. Instead, he glanced at Oliver. “Oliver?”

They belonged to the same social circle, and they became acquainted some time ago. However, Julian
had always kept his distance from Oliver. That was why Vans and Oliver never had much contact with
each other.

However, Vans recently heard that Oliver might be coming to work in City Hospital. Vans was surprised
that Oliver would give up his family inheritance, and that left a deep impression on him.

Oliver nodded, and gave Vans a look so that he’d hurry and tend to Diana.

It seemed Oliver also knew about Diana’s pregnancy.

However, according to what Noel said when he called earlier, Julian still refused to believe that Diana


Vans had made a promise to Diana. Naturally, he wouldn’t betray her, especially when he saw the state
Diana was in. He was determined to keep her pregnancy a secret. Hence, he merely glanced at Julian.
“Quick, bring the patient in. I need to carry out the first round of check–ups.”

There was a look of disappointment in his eyes.

Although Oliver wasn’t sure why Vans was on Diana’s side, he at least felt safe to leave Diana in
Vans’s hands. “I suspect she collapsed from mental stress, but you need to carry out tests just to be

Oliver had yet to receive the employment offer from City Hospital, so he wasn’t allowed to enter the
operating theater.

Vans’s gaze fell on Diana’s stomach. “Don’t worry.”

He would do his best to protect her baby.

Even if he wasn’t doing it for Diana, he would do it so that Julian wouldn’t regret this in the future. He
wouldn’t let anything happen to the baby.


Julian didn’t stay long in the hospital. He soon returned to the factory unit in the suburbs.

He couldn’t quietly wait outside the operating theater. Otherwise, he would go mad from thinking about
Diana and the awful state she was in when she passed out. “I’ll go and finish Luke off.”

Julian needed to get this over and done with before the Pabian family got involved.

“Don’t kill him,” Oliver said while he looked at the red light above the operating theater’s door. “He’s not
worth getting your hands dirty. I’m sure Diana won’t want anyone to die.”

for poor

Although Luke was a scumbag, Oliver agreed with what he said about not killing him for the sake of the

After all… Diana had bled earlier.

Oliver was worried that she would have a complete breakdown after waking up if she lost her baby.

Hence, all he could do was repeat the same thing. “Don’t kill him.”

He was doing it for Diana.

Julian’s eyes were bloodshot. Just before he made the turn at the end of the hallway, he uttered a
single word.


However, Luke still needed to be punished.

Outside the factory unit, in the final moments before the sun went down, Julian repeatedly dunked Luke
in a smelly ditch so that the latter would have a taste of suffocation. Meanwhile, Luke peed in his pants
again and


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