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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 73

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 73

“She must’ve been even more afraid when you were torturing her,” Julian said harshly to Luke.

However, even then, Diana didn’t cry.

She only cried when Julian told her about the contraceptive pills.

There was no expression on Julian’s stony face. After scooping Luke out of the ditch for the last time,
he looked up calmly at the sky. He turned to Noel and said calmly, “The sky’s gone dark. Cut off his
right hand. Consider it a gift to the mosquitoes here.”

Luke immediately panicked. Now, he couldn’t even be bothered to beg for forgiveness. “Julian Fulcher!
You wouldn’t dare! I’m from the Pabian family! If you dare hurt me, you’ll be going against the Pabian
family! My grandfather and everyone else in the family won’t let you off the hook!”

“Do I need them to let me off the hook?” Julian sneered. “I’m only taking one of your arms this time. I’m
the one letting your entire family off the hook.”

As for enemies, Julian had his fair share of them. Having one more made little difference.

Julian seemed to blend in with the darkness, but his facial features were surprisingly distinct. “If you
dare to lay a finger on Diana again, I’ll make sure you’re gone for good.”

“Oh, right.” Julian slowly stood up and gave Noel another order. “It’s still early. Before you cut off his
arm, remove each of the fingers he touched Diana with.”

Julian wanted Luke to suffer in the worst way possible, so that he would never dare to go near Diana
ever again!

Kayla stood where she was, and listened while Luke cried in pain. She didn’t even dare to open her

The fear only subsided a little when Julian walked over to her.

“How does your face feel?” Julian removed his coat and draped it over Kayla’s shoulders.

Click. He lit the cigarette between his fingers with a silver lighter.

Only then did Kayla recollect herself from Luke’s pitiful cries. However, her face was a little pale. “Much
better. What about Diana?”

Julian looked at her deeply when he heard this. “Diana’s in a much worse condition. I’m sorry for what
had to go through today.”

Kayla felt relieved. “I know. I’m fine as long as Diana is alright.”

Julian nodded. He blew out a mouthful of smoke that blurred his facial features. However, he was still
mentally sharp. “Why were you with Diana today?”


Kayla grabbed her shirt tightly. “I was going to deliver money to Diana, but I wasn’t expecting to bump
into Luke…”

This meant the two of them were kidnapped together.

Julian was surprised that Luke was the cause of all this. “I didn’t think Diana would ask the Winningtons


Diana was such a strong and stubborn woman. Julian thought she wouldn’t ask the Winnington family
to help her, especially after how they hurt her.

While Julian was lost in thought, ash from his burning cigarette fell onto his palm. He was overwhelmed
with a sense of guilt.

He clearly sent men to follow Diana, but he had been so obsessed with his baseless suspicions about
what was going on between her and Oliver that he couldn’t stop this tragedy from happening.

“It was my fault that she got hurt.” Although the ash was hot against his hand, he didn’t feel anything.
On the contrary, Kayla flicked it away for him and saw a vague bite mark on his arm.


“Diana bit me.” Julian felt a lot better when he saw the familiar bite mark. He was even smiling. “I never

realized she was so strong. Anyway, she left this bite mark on me.”

This was proof of them having been together.

It was Diana…who lived in Julian’s heart. She could never be erased.

However, Kayla needed to get rid of Diana.

Kayla rolled down Julian’s sleeve to cover the bite mark. She intentionally asked a question that would
prevent Dia

and Julian’s relationship from developing any further.

“Julian, you like Diana now. You don’t like me anymore, do you?” She looked up at Julian sadly. Her
face looked an awful lot like Diana’s.

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