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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 71

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 71

From the moment Julian barged in, the first thing he did was to hold Kayla. He was very protective of
her, and he even escorted her outside to receive treatment. Ever since he started ignoring Diana, she
had stopped feeling any pain.

Now… It hurt even less.

Diana could only feel a numb sensation spreading throughout her body. For some unknown reason,
even her scalp felt numb.

She once had a nightmare that Julian hurt the baby in her stomach; that he wanted to take the baby’s
life. When she woke up from the nightmare, she thought it was impossible. Now, it didn’t seem
impossible at all!

However, Julian never intended to harm the embryo.

Instead, he took direct measures to prevent Diana from ever getting pregnant.

How was this different from the nightmare where he demanded someone else to get rid of the baby in
her stomach?

He didn’t want the baby. He didn’t love her, and he was merciless!

Was there any point in telling him about Kayla wanting to hurt her?


Diana knew Julian wouldn’t believe her.

Even now, he wanted to personally deal with Luke despite getting himself hurt. Diana thought it
probably had nothing to do with her.

In fact, he might have only made it in time thanks to Kayla.

Diana felt weak in her legs. She couldn’t think anymore. All she could feel was terrible numbness. Her
entire body felt numb. She leaned against the pillar behind her and slowly slid downward, exhausted.

“Diana.” Oliver saw her zoning out and couldn’t resist handing her a tissue. “Are you alright?”

She looked up. Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.

Oliver was deeply worried to see this. “Diana, wipe your tears away.”

“Tears? Am I crying?” Diana asked blankly.

She didn’t even blink. Why would she be crying?

She was clearly very strong. Why would she cry?

She knew he no longer loved her, but why… Why couldn’t she move her limbs?

“Diana, try to relax.” Oliver couldn’t stop worrying. He moved a little closer and checked her eyes. After
that, he suddenly became nervous. His voice grew louder. “Look at me! Look at me!”

Tears were still rolling down her cheeks. Diana’s eyes were wide open. She opened her mouth and
tried to say something to Oliver.

Chapter 71


However, her mouth seemed to have gone numb. Why…couldn’t she make a sound?

She clearly didn’t feel any pain.

She clearly…didn’t feel any pain!

But why?

Why? Why did it feel a hundred times worse than physical pain?

“Diana! Diana!” Oliver repeatedly patted her on the shoulder, but she didn’t respond at all. In fact, there
was some blood flowing out from between her calves.

This was a sign of a miscarriage!

However, Oliver was certain that Julian didn’t know about Diana’s pregnancy. In fact, he refused to
believe it even when he was told about it.

Perhaps… Diana had wanted to keep this from Julian.

Oliver decided that until Diana regained her consciousness, he would try to keep her pregnancy a
secret for her, just as she had done all this while.

Oliver thought for a moment before yelling angrily at Julian, “Hey! Diana passed out! Come here,

Julian’s hands were covered in blood, as was the rest of his body. Now that he ran over to hold Diana,

could tell whose blood it was.

All Julian could think about was a single sentence. “Call Vans!”

Vans knew Diana’s physical condition the best. Julian would only stop worrying if she was in his hands.

Oliver saw that Julian hadn’t noticed Diana’s bleeding. He immediately sighed in relief before following

into the car.

“I’m a doctor! Let me come with you and make sure she’s in a stable condition!” Oliver said.

Julian agreed. He immediately pulled Kayla out of the car. Without caring for anything, he shouted at

Get out!”

Diana needed to lie down flat, and the car wouldn’t fit so many people.

After being pulled out of the car, Kayla immediately fell on the road. The jealousy and resentment in her
eyes intensified, but she didn’t say a single word or question what Julian had done. Instead, she said
passionately with tear–filled eyes, “Julian, don’t worry about me! Look after Diana!”

Only then did Julian recollect himself and glance at her. “Okay.”

However, his hands were trembling while he held Diana.

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