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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 58

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 58

“But at three in the evening, I have to go to Springlake Garden to meet Kayla.” Diana glanced at her
watch and said apologetically, “We can’t be late.”

“I know,” Nina agreed verbally, but her mind was busy coming up with ways to buy time and stop Diana
from going to the meeting.

If Kayla was going to such great lengths to meet Diana, it was surely ill–intentioned!

What if Diana saw how similar they look and collapsed?

“No way.” If the meeting was inevitable, then Nina had a proposal of her own. “Diana, why don’t I
accompany you in the afternoon? I don’t feel at ease with you going alone.”

Diana immediately came to a realization. “I knew you wouldn’t make me go shopping with you on a
workday for no reason!”

Nina was the editor–in–chief and was outstanding in her work. Who would be able to upset her at

“Please don’t worry about me,” Diana said to Nina. “What could happen to me in broad daylight?
What’s more, I’m prepared. I bought a lot of personal defense items. What else are you worried about?”

Nina was deeply anxious. She wasn’t worried that Kayla would harm Diana physically. She was worried
that Diana would have a mental breakdown the moment Kayla revealed her face!

She tugged Diana’s arm. “Diana, can’t you sense that something’s wrong the moment the Winningtons
made you sign the contract? Kayla loves resorting to underhanded means. Shouldn’t we forget about
meeting her?”

“Then what about the money?”

Nina felt helpless. She was unable to cover so large a gap.

“Go back, quick.” Diana glared at Nina. “Share your location with me in half an hour’s time. If you’re not
in your office, our friendship’s over!”

Ultimately, Diana had to be the one to settle her own affairs.

Making Nina worry about her constantly would only add to her guilt.

Nina sighed resignedly. The last thing she could do was to pull Diana into a clothes shop. “You should
wear something nicer.” She chose a black dress for Diana to try on. “This makes you look very classy.”
After which, she pulled Diana to the make–up counter. “Full make–up, please. You can’t lose in your

In Nina’s opinion, between the two sisters, Kayla looked more like an imitation.

Kayla was no match for Diana in terms of appearance!

Although they resembled each other, both women carried themselves very differently and exuded very
different auras. Julian was probably the only person in this world who would take Diana as that wicked
woman’s replacement.

“Blind and foolish! Unable to tell what’s genuine and what’s imitation!”

“What are you mumbling about?” Diana lifted her eyes and looked at Nina. “Are you scolding Vans?”

“I’m not.” Nina punched Diana in jest. “Don’t talk about him. We broke up long ago. I can’t be bothered

scold him.”

Despite that, Diana felt that Nina’s breakup was one–sided.

But since Nina didn’t share the intimate details with her, Diana didn’t pursue the matter further. “I’m

almost done with my make–up. Hurry back to your office, quick!”

She even opened the location–sharing app on her phone.

Nina couldn’t refute Diana, and had no choice but to agree for her to go alone.

“If there’s anything, call me immediately. Remember to keep the baby in mind. Aside from your baby,
nothing else in this world matters,” Nina said cautiously.

“You’ve been talking a lot today.” Diana couldn’t shake off the feeling that Nina was behaving strangely
today. “Go back, quick! Otherwise, I’m going to get upset.”

After finally chasing Nina back to her office, Diana hailed a taxi and headed straight for Springlake

Although she arrived early, instead of going elsewhere which she worried might tire her out, she found
a long corridor and sat down quietly to wait.


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