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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 70

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 70

At that moment, Diana heard what Luke had said.

She was so nervous that her face turned pale. She clasped her hands together tightly, but that still
didn’t make her feel less nervous.

She didn’t want Julian to find out!

Her baby… Her baby was the one thing she could cling onto.

Diana never expected that the thing she said to protect herself was now being used by Luke to protect


Although she opened her mouth several times, no words came out. Her feet felt so heavy that she

even move.

She feared her baby would be taken from her by the Fulcher family after the divorce…

When Oliver saw Diana’s lowered head, he instantly understood why Diana chose to meet him at a
milk tea store rather than a cafe the other day.

She was actually pregnant with Julian’s baby.

Yet, Julian still wanted to file for divorce…

A look of pain briefly appeared in Oliver’s eyes. He wanted to speak up for her, but he heard Julian’s
voice in the empty factory unit. “Impossible.”

Julian sounded very certain.

The sounds of Luke being punched and him crying could be heard once again. It gave everyone

Diana began to feel nervous again.

“Why is it impossible?” Luke cried while she looked in Diana’s direction. “She said it herself! She said
you’re her husband, and that she’s pregnant!”

“She lied to you to protect herself.” Julian turned his head slightly, and his joints made a cracking
sound. He seemed even more violent.

However, Luke’s words did make him feel happy.

For the first time, Julian realized he wasn’t annoyed when he heard that Diana was pregnant. On the
contrary, he was even a little pleasantly surprised.

Even so, it was impossible for Diana to be pregnant.

He relaxed his hands, which were bloody from beating Luke up, and mustered the courage to glance at

She seemed mentally stable at the moment.

Just as Luke said, although she was humiliated, she wasn’t hurt too badly.


Julian made it in time.

He felt a slight sting in the corner of his eyes. Almost instinctively, he stopped himself from letting the
emotions linger. “We’ve been careful about contraception for the longest time. How would she get

Diana jerked her head up when she heard this. Her face turned even more pale.

She couldn’t understand what he said. “Julian, what do you mean by that?”

Hadn’t they been trying hard to have children for the past three years?

In fact, they even did various tests that proved they were both healthy and fertile. Hence, Diana kept
thinking the time wasn’t ripe. She kept hoping God would give her the opportunity to get pregnant.

But Julian…

Why was he now saying that they had been careful about contraception for the longest time?

“The vitamin tablets you’ve been taking are long–term contraceptive medicine.” Julian had made
enquiries and made sure the medicine wouldn’t be harmful for women. In fact, he was very careful
each time they did


How could Diana possibly get pregnant with these two–fold measures in place?

As such, Julian quickly decided that Diana only lied to protect herself.

“Vitamin tablets? Contraceptive medicine?” Diana could see the cold look in Julian’s eyes. She finally

recalled the tiny details she had missed in the past.

Last month, the vitamin tablets she had been taking for a long time ran out. At the time, she happened
to have bought folic acid tablets for prenatal usage. She had been bored, and put all the folic acid
tablets in the bottle that was previously used for the vitamin tablets.

Hence, Diana was able to get pregnant not because God took pity on her. It was also not because she
and Julian were both eager and hopeful. Instead, it was only because she swapped out the
contraceptive medicine that was once in her bottle of vitamins.

Meanwhile, Julian had no idea that the vitamin tablets were replaced with folic acid tablets. He didn’t
replenish the tablets in time, and it allowed Diana to get pregnant.

Since the beginning, Diana was the only one who longed for the baby.

“That’s right.” Julian looked away from Diana. His gaze slowly landed on the car outside the factory

“Only one woman can be pregnant with my child,” he added.

It was obvious who that woman would be.

What did pain mean?

As of now, Diana no longer felt any.

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