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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 69

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 69

However, Julian grabbed Luke by the collar before the latter could scurry away. After a second… Bang!

Luke was flung to the ground with great force.

“Cough…!” The crushing pain made Luke cough out loud. Before he could lift his head and beg for
mercy, Julian smashed the phone against his head.

The screen cracked, and the shards pierced into Luke’s eyes. His eyes nearly turned into pulps.

“How dare you…” Julian snarled through gritted teeth, his breathing ragged with rage. He looked like a
complete madman. “How dare you touch her?!”

“I didn’t!” Luke shouted, panicky. “Mr. Fulcher, I didn’t touch her! I swear! I only touched the one in the


He had it all wrong!

Luke suddenly realized the ‘she‘ Julian mentioned wasn’t Kayla, the one who recorded the video. It was
Diana, who he bumped into at the subway!

The one who landed him in prison!

The thought made Luke tremble even more intensely. Despite wanting to explain himself, his mind was


He knew he had messed with a woman he shouldn’t have messed with…

Julian kept on hitting Luke, raining punches down on him tirelessly. It didn’t seem he would stop until

was dead.

“Sir!” Noel quickly came over to talk Julian out of it when he saw that Julian wasn’t going to stop. “Sir,
he belongs to the Pabian family!”

Julian didn’t stop despite that. He looked up and sneered, his face ugly with wrath. “So what if he is?
Today, I’m going to kill him!”


Suddenly, there was a smell of urine in the air.

Luke was so scared that he peed in his pants.

Julian was very particular about cleanliness, but even then, he didn’t stop hitting Luke’s head, face,

and neck.

Those were the areas Luke had previously hit Diana.

Julian wanted to make Luke feel it a hundred times worse!

“M–Mr. Fulcher!” Luke’s face turned swollen during the short period of time. The blood oozing out of his
wounds mixed with his urine, giving off a pungent stench. However, Luke didn’t even think about
escaping because he knew it wouldn’t work.

He was trying to think of anything that could save his life.

“The child! T–The child!” Luke suddenly thought of something, and flung his hands around excitedly.
“Mr. Fulcher! Do it for the child! P–Please forgive me! Honestly! I didn’t hurt you. I only wanted to scare
her. She was pregnant! I wouldn’t do something like that, even if I were a beast!”

Julian finally stopped hitting him.

However, he seemed confused. “Child?”

Whose child?

Luke instantly understood what was going on when he saw Julian’s response. He smiled in spite of his
disfigured face. “Mr. Fulcher! You don’t know this yet, but you’re going to be a father!”

Julian could only blame himself.

Why didn’t he believe in Diana when she told him that in Springlake Garden?

“I was an ignorant fool, but I really didn’t hurt your woman or your baby! I only wanted revenge after
Oliver had me locked up for a week. Honestly, Mr. Fulcher… I’ll give you the best gifts after your baby
is born!”

No matter what Luke said, Julian stood still like a statue.

After that, he slowly looked to the corner where Diana was standing.

Was she…pregnant?

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