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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 66

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 66

Hopelessness engulfed Diana. She closed her eyes, despaired.

However, things didn’t unfold the way she imagined. Instead, she felt a warm coat falling against her

Diana’s body trembled, and she quickly opened her eyes. Lo and behold, it was actually Oliver!

She was pleasantly surprised to see him. “Oliver! How did you find me here?”

Oliver turned around like a gentleman. At the same time, he instructed the female doctor who came
along with him to untie Diana and check on her wounds.

“I came with Julian. He found you first,” Oliver explained.

Was Julian here too? Did he save her?

Diana excitedly looked outside the factory unit. “Where is he?” She couldn’t help but ask out loud.

Oliver paused for a moment. “He’s on the right.‘

Although Diana’s face was swollen and she looked a mess, she was still smiling. “Ju…”

The next second, the words died on her lips and no sound came out of her mouth. Her smile

faded away. Julian was here, but it didn’t look like he was here to rescue her.

“Julian. Waah…!” A woman in pink shoes was in his arms.

Said woman was Kayla, the woman Julian truly loved. She was the reason Diana and Julian were
getting a divorce. She was also… Luke’s accomplice in humiliating her today.

Julian was so attentive to Kayla, but he didn’t even look at Diana once.

Diana was already untied. She was a little unsteady from being tied up for so long, and she nearly
stumbled to the ground.

“Careful!” Oliver reached out in time to stop her from toppling over.

Only then did Julian look her way.

“Kayla.” Julian looked at the woman who was crying in his arms. “Should I bring you outside first?”

“It’s fine. Let’s check on Diana,” Kayla said. She proceeded to push him away so that they could check
on Diana together.

“How many times have I told you? Don’t be too kind! Look after yourself first. The wound on your face
needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.” The factory unit was very quiet, and Julian’s voice was
like a hammer against Diana’s head.

The wounds on her body ached, as did her heart…

She couldn’t bring herself to look at those two people.

In fact, she didn’t even want to think about how she suffered even worse injuries than Kayla.

It didn’t hurt… It didn’t.

Luke didn’t get what he wanted, and Kayla didn’t manage to record them doing the deed. This was
already something beyond Diana’s expectations, but why?

Why was Kayla, an accomplice, pretending to be a victim? That woman even asked Julian to check on

with her.

Why was she able to pretend to be a nice person?

Diana wanted to speak up and question Kayla, but Luke, who clambered to his feet by the wall, cut her

Despite his heavily injured feet, he made his way to Julian. Tears of desperation were streaming down
his face. “Mr. Fulcher, I was a fool! I had no idea you knew this woman!”

Julian had a look of disgust on his face. “Get lost!”

Luke knew he had gotten into trouble with Julian. Being kicked by Julian when the latter barged in was
only the beginning. Worse things would certainly come. As such, Luke was doing everything he could
to protect himself. “Mr. Fulcher! Mr. Fulcher!”

Luke climbed toward Julian again, but this time, he reached for kankle instead.

“Tell Mr. Fulcher I didn’t hit you! I never did! I only touched your face once! I was hitting that woman! I
was hitting the woman who took the subway! I wanted to play with her! I had no intentions of harming
you. The video on your phone is solid proof! Show Mr. Fulcher that video!” Luke exclaimed hoarsely.

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