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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 67

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 67

I was hitting that woman! I was hitting the woman who took the subway! I wanted to play with her!

These sentences kept repeating in Julian’s head like a terrible curse. He could nearly hear the bones
cracking in his body. Without him realizing it, all the cells in his body were turning violent.

He wanted nothing more than to commit murder right this moment.

“Let go of her!” Julian yelled, his tone hard. He was brimming with anger, and it was evident from the
vicious look in his almond–shaped eyes. He looked as if he could tear Luke apart on the spot with

Luke was so scared that he went down on all fours. “Please forgive me, Mr. Fulcher! I really didn’t lie to
you. You can have a look at her phone. There’s a video recording on it. I really didn’t hurt her.”

Fortunately, Luke didn’t set his sights on this gold–digger. Otherwise, there would’ve been no hope for
his survival!

Luke knelt on the ground. He didn’t even realize his forehead was bleeding. “Kayla! Tell Mr. Fulcher!
Aren’t we allies? You said you’d help me with recording the video. Why would I hurt my ally? Tell him!”

Julian held Kayla’s hand and looked at her.

Kayla panicked for a brief moment. Fortunately, she managed to calm herself down just in time. Not
only did she shed a few tears, but she also spoke in a tearful voice.

“Sob! Oh, Julian! I was forced into it. I had to play along under the circumstances. He’s a pervert! He
didn’t just hit Diana, but he even tore her shirt open. H–He… He did it to her…”

Kayla suddenly stopped talking. All that was left was her ambiguous crying.

Everyone turned to look at Diana. There was pity in their eyes, and they seemed to sympathize with
Diana for what she had to go through.

Wth just a few short sentences, Kayla managed to convince everyone she was innocent. She even
made it seem as if Diana was definitely raped.

For the first time, Diana saw what her heinous sister was truly capable of.

“Kayla!” Diana stepped forward in an attempt to confront Kayla, but Julian shot her a warning look.

It was so unfamiliar.

It was so fierce.

He made it seem as if Diana was nothing more than a beast, and only the person in his arms was

However, Diana still spoke up. “Julian, she wasn’t telling the truth. She wasn’t forced by Luke at all. In
fact, she probably wanted to record me being raped from the very beginning.”

Julian didn’t even let her finish. He carried Kayla out of the factory unit.

After that, he carefully brought Kayla to the car as if she was a fragile piece of glass. Several doctors
surrounded Kayla. It seemed as if she was in a worse state than Diana.

Meanwhile, the only person next to Diana…was Oliver.

He wanted to console her on several occasions, but he looked down and silently stayed by her side in
the end.

Outside the factory unit.

Julian’s gaze was growing colder by the second. The sight of him alone was terribly intimidating.

Even Kayla was a little taken aback by his icy aura. “Julian…”

She carefully reached out and gently tugged at the hem of his shirt. However, Julian gave her a pointed
look. Let go.”

He wasn’t loud, but it still gave Kayla a fright.

She had a bad feeling about this, but tried her best to meet his gaze. “Julian, the things Luke said were
all false. Honestly, you have to believe me! Why would I be allies with someone like that? I wouldn’t

think of recording Diana…”

Julian didn’t respond. The fury in his eyes was intensifying.

In fact, his voice sounded almost demonic when he spoke through gritted teeth. “Where’s your phone?

me have a look at it.”

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