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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 64

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 64

Luke’s gaze shifted sideways. Seemingly in thought, he turned to look at Diana, whose head was still

Kayla, on the other hand, was thoroughly enraged by his words. “You’re blind!”

She had the looks but not the attitude?

Why did she need to be like Diana?

When Kayla was three, her father intentionally abandoned Diana all because of something she said.

since that day, Kayla knew she was destined to be the winner and Diana the loser!

Diana, who was forced to grow up in the countryside, would always be inferior to Kayla, who was the
favorite daughter of the Winnington family.

In fact, even Diana’s birth mother Kate was under Kayla’s complete control.

If anything, Diana was the one who resembled Kayla!

That clown Luke had no right to criticize her!

Kayla was so used to being pampered that she couldn’t bring herself to let things slide, even at such a
critical time. She wanted to slap Luke, but he pushed her away roughly and snarled. “What the hell?
How dare you touch me, you disgusting gold–digger!”

Diana could hear that something wasn’t right. “Kayla? What happened?”

Diana was somewhat concerned. She wanted to find out what happened, but to her surprise, she felt a
sharp pain in her foot.

She subconsciously looked down, and saw a pair of pink shoes through the gap in the cloth covering
her face. To her shock, the shoes were pink!

Was the person stepping on her Kayla?

“Bitch!” Not only did Kayla step on Diana’s foot, but she even pounced on Diana and started hitting
Diana like a madwoman. It looked like she wanted to kill Diana right there and then.

Even Luke didn’t expect this to happen. It took him a few seconds to react; he yanked Kayla away from


He hit Kayla even harder than when he hit Diana. “Get a hold of yourself, woman!”

Kayla’s face bled from the impact. It was at this moment that she no longer dared to move. However,
she still glared daggers at Diana and screeched, “It’s all your fault!”

Diana did feel a little guilty.

Mainly, it was because she didn’t expect Kayla to come alone after realizing something was wrong.

She could only bear the pain and apologize. “Mmph…

Kayla rolled her eyes at Diana. “You’re not making any sense, you idiot!”

Dayla was completely stunned.

She did sense something was amiss with Kayla when the latter appeared.

The harsh way Kayla spoke to her, as well as Kayla’s apparent hatred toward her were starkly different
from how Diana imagined Kayla would behave if Kayla was actually here to rescue her.

It looked like…Kayla was here to watch her suffer….


She was Diana’s younger sister who interfered with her marriage. Would someone like her really hope
for Diana to make it out of this place alive and well?

Diana felt chills down her spine when she thought of the possibility.

If Kayla was here to watch her suffer, then…

The stinging pain on Diana’s foot interrupted her thoughts. She could vaguely see Kayla’s silhouette
through the gaps in the cloth. From the way their lower bodies moved, it looked like Kayla was trying to
make peace with Luke.

For some unknown reason, Luke’s attitude toward Kayla changed for the better after that.

Diana heard Kayla saying something to Luke. “This is my SIM card. Here,

Luke sounded chirpy. “You’re more interesting than I thought.”

take it.”

With that, Luke began approaching Diana. Suddenly, he reached for Diana’s shirt and tore off a button
from it. Diana’s fair skin was exposed immediately.


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