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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 62

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 62

In fact, Julian had already lost his mind. He himself had no idea where this fury came from.

All he knew was that, after seeing those photos and recalling the bouquet of calabash candies, as well
as how Diana smiled at Oliver, he was consumed by a burning rage.

“Do it right now! Make the Channing family’s stocks plummet! I want Oliver to know the price he has to
pay for touching my woman!” Julian exclaimed, fuming.

Noel’s eyes went wide open. “Sir!”

Forcing the Channing family’s stocks to plummet meant Fulcher Inc. would also have to suffer
considerable losses. Was Diana worth making such a move?

However, Noel didn’t dare to question Julian’s hasty decision.

He could only change the topic by talking about Kayla instead. “Kayla said she’ll be waiting for you to
have dinner together. Don’t be late…”


At the mention of her name, Julian calmed down a little. That’s right. He still had Kayla.

His marriage with Diana… At its core, he was the one at fault to begin with.

In that case, why was he so angry with Diana’s behavior?

Was he jealous?

No. The only feeling he had for Diana was a sense of pity. It had nothing to do with love.

He had no reason to pick a fight with the Channing family, especially if it was because of Diana. It felt
like all the energy had been sapped out of his body. He suddenly plopped down in his chair, completely

He didn’t know what to think, and he couldn’t find the answers.

However, he knew that he shouldn’t have gotten so angry over Diana.

In fact, he should be doing things that contributed to their separation. He should make Kayla feel safe.

Julian rubbed his forehead. “Noel, find Oliver’s number and call him.”

“Treat her well,” Julian said, as a way of giving his blessings to Diana and Oliver. It was the same thing
Diana. had said about Julian and Kayla. Yes, this was what they ought to have done as a married

After saying that, Julian immediately gave Noel another order. “Get rid of the property across from
Nina’s house.”

Julian felt he must’ve been out of his mind to do so many ridiculous things over the past few days. He
even bought a house and made breakfast for Diana, just because she gave a passing remark about
those things.

However, seeing what she had done today made him wonder if she ever thought about him.

Clearly, the answer was no.

There was no reason for him to put himself in such a confused position.

Oliver was dumbfounded by what he heard. “Nina? Who’s Nina?”

Julian didn’t realize the call was still going on, and that Oliver was still on the line. A sarcastic look
suddenly flashed in his eyes. “I’m surprised your feelings have changed so soon. It seems Diana alone
isn’t enough. You even want Nina in your harem!”

“Julian…” Oliver was confused as to why he was being criticized. He let the comment on Nina slide,
since he didn’t even know who she was. Instead, he decided to point out what was important to him.
“From what you’ve said, do you think there’s something going on between Diana and I?”

Julian’s eyes narrowed. “Aren’t you two together now?”

Oliver was stunned. “No.” His voice suddenly became hurried. “No! Wait a second! When did you last
see her?

Julian was dumbfounded. His instinct told him that he had missed something awfully important.

Ignoring everything else, Julian hurriedly knelt on the ground and switched on the computer. He then
carefully looked through the photos again. His tone was calm but deadly. “Oliver, what shoes are you
wearing today?”

“Shoes? I’m wearing white sneakers,” Oliver quickly replied.

“Damn it!” Julian flung his computer mouse away. His eyes were red with rage. He then quickly turned
to look at Noel. “Call them!”

Julian couldn’t believe he allowed something awful to happen to Diana under his watch!

Oliver sensed something was amiss too. “Julian, don’t panic. There’s something I want you to go
through.” Julian soon received an email from Oliver.

It documented what had happened a week ago, when Julian thought he caught Diana cheating. It was
also the day Diana made things difficult for Kayla.

In reality, Diana only became acquainted with Oliver because he rescued her from danger. She didn’t
show up at the appointed time because Luke was defiling her in the subway.

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