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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 63

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 63

“He’s released from prison today.” That was all Oliver needed to say. “Let’s split up. Diana might be in a
very dangerous situation right now.”

The veins on Julian’s forehead were apparent. He could feel the blood pumping throughout his body as
he uttered that accursed man’s name. “Luke Pabian!”

He would definitely make Luke pay for what he did!

Kayla never thought she would get to witness Diana in such a devastating state while she was alive.

However, she had no idea that her own devastation would soon transpire.

Kayla hid behind a piece of metal scrap, excited. After pressing on the record button, she slowly raised
her phone over her head. It wasn’t enough for her to personally witness Diana being humiliated. She
wanted the whole world to see it.

She wanted to ruin Diana’s life completely!

Kayla wanted Diana to feel so humiliated, the latter would stop fighting over the Winnington family’s
inheritance and her status in it. She wanted Diana to always feel shame whenever facing Julian. More
importantly… She needed to make sure nobody ever found out about her childhood secret.

It would be best if Diana avoided them forever!

Kayla was so engrossed in her happy thoughts that she accidentally chuckled out loud.

Her position was quickly exposed. Luke quickly turned around. “Who’s there?”

Kayla immediately froze. She wasn’t afraid of being discovered by Luke, but she was worried she
wouldn’t be able to record what would happen there. With that in mind, she quickly put her phone away.

However, Diana was very perceptive, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

She caught sight of Kayla’s phone.

Apart from Diana and Luke, there was someone else in this factory unit!

Did Kayla see the marks she left behind and came to rescue her?

“Mmph!” Diana grew excited. She did her best to make loud noises so that the person would notice her.

“Shut up!” Luke turned around and glared at her. “Bitch! Did you set me up?”

Diana quickly shook her head. “Mmph!”

“You’re not making any sense.” Luke tied Diana’s hands even more tightly before wrapping a cloth

her head.

After that, he walked out to check who was there.

When he saw that nobody was around, he took the same route back.

Kayla instantly sighed in relief.

Right then, Latke suddenly popped up behind Kayla and grabbed her roughly by her hair. “Hahaha! I
caught you!”

Kayla took the lead by pushing him away. “Don’t touch me!”

Diana was surprised and overjoyed to hear the woman’s voice. “Kayla? Is that you?”

Kayla actually came to her rescue!

“Kayla! Did you call the cops?” Diana asked.

Kayla didn’t answer. Instead, she glared arrogantly at Diana, “Idiot!”

Diana heard what Kayla had called her. Insecurity bubbled in her as shock registered on her face. “Are
you… Kayla?”

“It’s me, but that has nothing to do with you,” Kayla said gruffly.

Kayla wasn’t here to rescue Diana; she was here to watch the latter suffer.

“Interesting.” Luke looked Kayla up and down. “I’ve been doing this for many years, but I’ve never met
someone who’d willingly show up as a prey.”

“Don’t you recognize me?” Kayla did nothing to conceal her arrogance. She looked at him snobbishly,
her face filled with smugness. “Luke, we met at a dance. Don’t you remember?”

“A dance?” Luke was stunned. Suddenly, he guffawed. “Look at you! Are you a gold–digger who

dances for the rich?”

Luke had met many women like her.

However, this was the first time he was seeing a woman who looked like the one he specifically chose.

Despite this…

Luke shook his head repeatedly. “You’ve got the looks, but not the attitude.”

Kayla was nowhere as beautiful as the woman he met in the subway, that being Diana.

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