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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 61

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 61


Luke gave Diana a vicious slap to the face. “Stop looking at me like that!”

He spat on the ground before taking his belt off. Then, he forcefully pinched Diana’s chin and looked at
her in a disgusting manner.

Diana wasn’t about to give in. She continued to stare at him fiercely, as if she was completely unafraid.
Given the opportunity, she would skin him alive!


He slapped her again.

After being slapped twice, Diana’s hair had turned into a mess. Her face was also swollen on both

However, the physical pain was no match for the rising fear in her heart. She never thought she would
bump into someone like Luke in the subway.

She also never expected that Oliver’s concern would turn into reality.

In fact, the reality was even more terrifying than what he feared.

Diana began to doubt herself… She shouldn’t have sought for her so–called pride, and she shouldn’t
have spent fifteen million dollars so rashly. More importantly, she shouldn’t have thought of herself as
Julian’s wife. None of this would’ve happened otherwise!

She should’ve just agreed to get a divorce without making a fuss.

As for the reason for their divorce, it no longer mattered if Kayla intentionally brought Julian shopping to
buy the skirt Diana liked before she could.

The most important thing was the baby in her stomach!

Diana was sorry for letting this happen to her baby.

She felt genuinely sorry…

Diana looked down at her stomach, tears swimming in her eyes.

She was truly afraid that Luke would hurt her and indirectly harm her baby.

She had longed to have a baby for the past three years. This was the only proof of joy in her life. Her
baby gave her the strength she needed during her hardest times.

However, she was the one who put her baby in harm’s way….

It was her fault.

It was all her fault!


Meanwhile, at the chairman’s office in Fulcher Inc.

There was smoke everywhere, as Julian had smoked in front of the screen for a long while. “Is this the
newest photo?”

“Yes,” Noel replied carefully. “She left with the man in the photo.”

The longer Julian looked at the photo, the more he felt certain that the man in the photo was Oliver.

A white shirt and a black pair of trousers were his staple outfit.

Julian didn’t feel a thing when ash fell on his hand. “They sure are close to each other.”

It seemed the two of them had missed each other a lot after being apart for several days.

Julian had a cruel look in his eyes. He scrolled rapidly, and the intimate gestures between the two
people in the photo became increasingly obvious.


The computer was pushed off the desk.

“Where did they go?!” Julian asked with a furious gaze, his palms pressed against the desk.

“You told us to make sure she stayed away from the Winnington family and prevent her from seeing
Kayla. That’s why we stopped following her and taking photos of her after Mr. Channing showed up.”

In other words, Oliver wouldn’t hurt Diana.

Meanwhile, Noel was even more afraid of Julian’s reaction if he found out what happened next.

However, how would Julian not know what Noel was thinking?

Julian was about to go insane.

Whenever he closed his eyes, he would imagine the two of them being together. “Under broad daylight!

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