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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 60

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 60

The pain at her back forced Diana to follow in his footsteps.

Luke appeared smug as he leaned closer to Diana. They looked just like a couple in an intimate
embrace. Each time Diana dared to tilt sideways, Luke would press the dagger deeper into her back.

Just an inch more, and the dagger would pierce right through her skin.

Diana dared not make a careless move, but the moment Luke brought her away from his place, things
would not look good for her.

An idea popped into her mind. She pretended to casually touch her hair as she flung the earring that

returned to her on the floor.

The agreed time to meet Kayla was in half an hour.

If Kayla saw the jade earrings, she would surely be able to tell that they weren’t ordinary earrings.
What’s more, Kate would have worn them before. She would surely know that something was wrong,
and might even be able to guess that she was in danger.

In other words, in around half an hour’s time, someone might come to her rescue.

However, Diana could never imagine that at that moment, just a hundred meters away from where she
was, Kayla was coldly looking on at everything that was happening.

She clearly saw how Diana was held hostage, and also recognized that it was Luke, the youngest son
of the Pabian family whom she had met at a dance banquet.

Even the heavens were helping Kayla!

Luke was a lecherous man, having fooled around with countless women. Diana would surely suffer a
terrible fate if Luke were to take her away!

Standing idly by and seeing Diana get destroyed was way more interesting than seeing Diana realize
that she was a replacement.

Luke’s ways with women were renowned in the circle, after all.

Kayla’s lips curved into a cruel smile as she hid in the shadows of the trees and plants. When Diana
and Luke had left, she immediately kicked the earring Diana had left behind into the lake. Taking the
money along with her, Kayla slowly followed behind them.

Half an hour later, at a factory in the suburbs.

The place was desolate, with wasteland and wild grass all around. It was clearly deserted, with no one

“Get out of the car!”

Luke pushed Diana roughly. “Why are you so slow? If you dare to play any tricks with me, don’t blame
me for stabbing you with this dagger!”

If she were by herself, she would’ve gone all out and resisted him. She would never allow him to bring
her to this place.

But now that she had a baby in her womb, she had to prioritize her safety as her first and foremost

Diana dared not risk her safety, and had to pretend to cooperate with Luke to reduce the chances of
her getting hurt.


Luke kicked open the metal gate. The dust that flew made Diana choke and cough non–stop. “Stop
being so noisy!” He yelled, annoyed. He grabbed a roll of tape to plaster on Diana’s mouth.

With that, she was unable to cough anymore. Her face turned red, while her Mmm!”

She was going to suffocate to death if this went on!

eyes welled

with tears. up


Her suffocated state excited Luke even more. He surveyed her closely. “Your little face is so red, it’s
quite charming.”

He found a length of rope and tied Diana to a pillar. “If you have to blame someone, then blame Oliver
Channing, the man who helped you on the subway. If he hadn’t stood up for you, I would’ve just groped
you a few times instead of kidnapping you all the way here to vent my frustrations.”

Diana was truly scared now.

She understood what he meant by ‘venting his frustrations‘.

But at this point, she had no way of breaking free and escaping.

Suddenly, she regretted moving out of the mansion. Come to think of it, staying by Julian’s side was
still the safest option. So what if she was mistreated?

If Luke saw that she stayed in Julian’s mansion, he wouldn’t dare to be so brazen and doubt her words.

If only she had allowed Nina to follow her to Springlake Garden to meet Kayla…

However, it was all too late. Diana looked at Luke’s watch in despair. It was way past half an hour since
the time of the agreed meeting at Springlake Garden…

Yet, there seemed to be no sign of anyone coming to look for her.

Were the things she deliberately left behind all in vain?

If so, it would’ve been better to keep them by her side. At the very least, she would have something to


who tried to attack her at a critical moment.

Diana felt herself falling deeper in despair the more she thought.

She could no longer hide the disgust in her eyes. “Mmm!”

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