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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 59

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 59

The feeling that someone was spying on her returned.

What made her feel even more helpless was that she couldn’t find anything wrong each time she
turned her head back for a quick look.

Was she really overthinking things?

The agreed meeting time with Kayla was still an hour away. The weather was pleasant, and Diana
began feeling sleepy. Her eyes slowly glazed over, and she gradually let her guard down.

It was only until she heard footsteps that her eyes flew open keenly and she saw a pair of green shoes


When she lifted her head, the man sat beside her, holding a knife against her back.

“Don’t make a sound.” The man was Luke Pabian.

She had been so careful to guard herself against him and even moved to Nina’s, yet she still found
herself in

his hands.

She didn’t even have the chance to pull out any of the personal defense items she bought, and could
only close her eyes resignedly. “Don’t hurt me.”

The scene from that day on the subway flashed past her mind. Being so close to the man made her
instinctively feel nauseous. She was more afraid of her and her baby getting hurt, so she had to calm


The place they were at wasn’t in the crowded town area, but more of a park in the suburbs. What’s
more, it was a workday and there were few people around. Diana recalled her surroundings and
decided it was best to comply. “What do you want?”

“Nothing.” Luke smiled wickedly. “I just want you to have a taste of the humiliation I felt in prison.”

“How are you going to do that?” Diana immediately used Julian’s name. “If you dare hurt me today, my
husband will never spare you!”

“Your husband? Who? Oliver Channing?” Luke chuckled in disdain. “Once bitten, twice shy. Do you
really think I’ll be stupid enough to let him find me out?”

“It’s not Oliver Channing! It’s Julian Fulcher!” Diana tried to move away from his dagger, but she
couldn’t budge an inch. She raised her voice in a bid to sound more aggressive. “My husband is Julian
Fulcher! I’m pregnant, too. If anything happens to us, he’ll never let you go!”

Luke laughed even louder and punched Diana on her waist. “Julian Fulcher? You must be kidding me. I
heard he dotes on his wife. How could he let her take the subway? He’d never let his pregnant wife sit
by the

lakeside all alone. What’s more…”

He spoke in a dark, chilly tone, “I’ve seen where you live. It’s an old residential building. Would Julian
Fulcher let his wife stay in such a place?”

Diana felt goosebumps spread all over her body. “You’ve been spying on me since yesterday?”

“Yesterday?” Luke looked stunned. “I was released from prison just today, and came to look for you
immediately. What, are you even more anxious to meet me than I am?”

Then… Why did she have the feeling that she was being followed yesterday?

Diana wanted to ask more, but was scared by the lecherous look in his eyes. “Someone will come
looking for me very soon.” Right now, she could only pin her hopes on Kayla. “If she were to find out
that you…”

As she went on, Diana felt like something was wrong. She surveyed Luke from head to toe. “Why are
you… dressed in a white T–shirt and black suit pants today?”

Isn’t that what Oliver usually wore?

The look on Luke’s face was sleazy and fearsome. “Since that rascal Oliver Channing likes to be your
hero, and since he likes wearing white, I’ll dirty his favorite white color, and you…”

He chuckled and snuggled his face so close to Diana’s neck that she almost vomited in disgust. She
instinctively wanted to stand up, but was stopped by a hard bump from his dagger. “Don’t move!
Daggers don’t have eyes.”

Previously, Luke asked around in the police station and found out that Oliver Channing was simply
standing up for Diana, and not her backing in any way.

That was why he dared to act so brazenly after being released from prison.

Standing up and being a hero to Diana?

He’d show Olive the price to pay for trying to be a hero!

“Stand up.” Luke lowered his volume and pressed the dagger deeper into Diana’s back. “Follow me!”

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