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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 57

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 57

Every day, Julian would hear the door opposite his unit close before coming out from his room and
staring at Nina’s door.

Diana was just on the other side of the door.

Many times, he wanted to just push the door open and barge right in. Upon thinking about her open

admission and questions, he would retract his outstretched hand.

He could sense that he was crossing the line. What’s more, Diana had been staying at home most of
the time. the past few days and didn’t meet with Oliver at all. This delighted him.

Another thing that made him especially happy was her admission that she was jealous.

Thinking about it would always make his mood improve by leaps and bounds.

He bought the apartment opposite Nina’s because he was worried that she would go to the
Winningtons again and chance upon Kayla. He would deliver breakfast to Diana every morning
because he remembered the look of disappointment in her eyes when she had dim sum for breakfast.

Since she had gotten used to the breakfast he made, he would do his best to prepare it for her every

Doing so brought him joy, even more so than earning millions at work.

Julian didn’t know if something was wrong with him. Even when Kayla called him to ask him when he
would have time to spend with her, he found himself in no mood to do so.

He heard Nina’s door open once again, but this wasn’t the usual time that Nina headed out to work.
Julian immediately switched on the surveillance camera on his door and took a closer look.

It was Diana. She was carrying a simple duffel bag, looking ready to head out.

It wasn’t convenient for him to immediately follow her, so he called for Noel to instruct the driver outside

take note of her movements.

The driver trailed her all the way and noticed that she had gone out to buy a bunch of items for
personal defense, such as pepper spray and a police alarm. She only returned after walking around a
bit more.

The short trip out made Diana feel exceedingly uneasy.

She kept sensing that there was a pair of eyes watching her from behind. She even texted Oliver to
confirm that Luke was not yet released from prison. Only then did she feel calmer.

“If you’re afraid of heading out, in the future, you can record a long voice message when you head out.
That way, I’d know immediately if anything happens to you.”

He was currently unemployed, rich, and with a lot of time on his hands. Diana knew that his suggestion
was feasible.

She was tempted to say yes, but the thought of the photograph Nina showed her made her shake her
head and remind him, “That’s not good.”

She didn’t want to become someone who would destroy other people’s relationships, like Kayla had

Be it intentionally or accidentally.

Oliver was stunned. “That’s true. You’ve always disliked troubling others.”

Diana was equally stunned as she swiftly closed their conversation and did not reply to him.

On the other end, Oliver snapped back to attention only after someone next to him tapped his shoulder.

Diana didn’t reply to him for so long because he had a slip of the tongue and exposed the fact that he
knew her since long ago.

Reuniting with Diana was a pleasant surprise for him, but for Diana, she felt a tinge of fear knowing that
he was spying on her in secret.

He pondered for a moment before typing a reply. “I’m sorry. I’ve been reading a lot of philosophical
books, so I can’t help but frame people around me into personality stereotypes.”

Diana felt slightly relieved, and sent him a simple reply before putting away her phone.

So many things have happened recently that made her overthink things.

Firstly, Oliver had no reason to ignore his top–notch girlfriend and spend time understanding Diana’s
personality traits. What’s more, Luke was still locked in prison. It wasn’t possible that someone was
spying on her.

Diana shook her head hard. She tested out the pepper spray to make sure it was working, and it made
her feel

more at ease.

Even if something were to happen during her meeting with Kayla, she need not feel scared.

The next day, Nina asked Diana to accompany her on a shopping trip.

“Don’t you have to go to work?” Diana asked.

“I’ve been feeling frustrated at work, and I’m in a bad mood. I refuse to go to work,” Nina lied without
batting an eyelid. “Anyway, who cares about that? Whatever it is, you just need to accompany me
shopping! Let’s shop till we drop!”

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