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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 56

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 56

How could Julian be jealous of Diana and Oliver?

He didn’t love Diana, and he wouldn’t care about who she is with. It was just that she couldn’t be with

anyone else before they divorced; the Fulcher’s reputation cannot be sullied!

“Didn’t you say we shouldn’t let Grandma find out about the divorce? You should be careful not to
expose your relationship with Oliver.”

She knew it. Julian had thousands of reasons for being upset about her sharing a meal with Oliver.

And none of them had to do with him being jealous.

Diana hid her broken heart behind a calm and composed face. She repeated herself, “Step aside.”

This time, Julian didn’t try to stop her.

Except that after Diana left, he called Vans to ask for Nina’s number. He called her and said, “I’ll leave

in your care in the next few days. She likes to eat the crispy toast and sandwiches that I make. I’ll
deliver them to your doorstep every day. Please bring it in, and don’t ever tell her I’m the one who sent

Nina never thought that Julian would do something like that, and couldn’t hold back her cynical
comments. Taking care of Diana is what I should do anyway. I don’t need you to leave her in my hands
or anything presumptuous like that. You, on the other hand, Mr. Fulcher… Exactly what kind of
romance drama are you trying to film with this breakfast delivery?”

Instead of being angry, Julian chuckled. “Aside from Diana, no one else in the whole world would dare
to talk

to me like this.”

It seemed Diana could indeed lead a carefree life at Nina’s.

“What should I do otherwise? You’re hurting Diana to death! As her only friend, must I grovel to the one
guilty of making her life miserable? Hah!” Nina took the chance to vent her frustration through the call.
“If there’s nothing else, President Fulcher, goodbye!”

Nina didn’t take Julian’s words seriously.

After all, she had heard it all from Vans about what Julian had done for Kayla.

Before she knew about Julian and Kayla, she had once assumed that Julian loved Diana and that he
wasn’t aware of his own feelings. However, hearing the truth from Vans completely wiped the thought
out of her


Naturally, she wouldn’t believe that Julian truly cared for Diana at this point in time, especially when
they were going through a messy divorce.

Diana might be Julian’s replacement, but to her, Nina Ashlee, Diana was her one and only darling!

What crispy toast? What sandwiches?!

She’ll give Diana and her baby even better food as a replacement!

But the next day, Nina looked with despair at the gloopy mess in her pot and almost cried out loud.
“Cooking is so tough…”

“Nina?” Diana heard a commotion and headed out to take a look, but was immediately stopped by

“I already told you to just wait for your meal! Don’t come out! I won’t be able to cook with someone
standing next to me.”

Diana chuckled and retreated to her room. “All right, I’ll wait.”

It was getting late, and although Nina’s place was near her office, there was no time for her to go and
buy breakfast and still make it to work on time. She thought about it, tiptoed to the door, and opened it.
Her eyes lit up in that instant!

Hanging on the door handle was a portion of crispy toast and a sandwich,

Nina glanced around, but didn’t see any signs of Julian.

At this point, Nina couldn’t be bothered to care. Deciding that feeding Diana was the priority, she took

food into the house.

This happened for three consecutive days. Breakfast would be delivered on time every day. However, it
was a

pity that there was only a portion of each.

“Nina, you’re so good to me.” Diana was touched. “You wake up early in the morning just to cook for

Privately, Nina would curse Julian in her heart for being so petty and only preparing one portion

for Diana.

Would it cost him his life to prepare one more portion for Nina?

However, she only dared to do so in her mind. She waved her hands dismissively and said casually,
“Hehe! I’ll feel terrible the entire morning if I eat breakfast. Just eat your food in peace.”

Diana nodded and quietly handed Nina a glass of warm water. “Be careful on the road.”

The two ladies lived harmoniously, providing each other warmth.

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