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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 55

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 55

Diana found what Kate said entirely laughable. The Winningtons joined hands and forced her into a
corner, and that was supposed to be good for her? Helping her?

The outcome of their last meeting was still clear in her mind. This time, Diana was guarded against
Kayla. Her eyes were slightly narrowed as she asked calmly, “Will this be the same as what happened
before, when Julian misunderstood and thought I was the one who took the initiative to meet up with
Kayla with the intention of hurting her, so that he’d make life hell for me?”

“Who do you think you are?! Are you worthy of President Fulcher’s time and energy?” James was
getting annoyed. “Four days later, Kayla will pass you the first batch of money at Springlake Garden.
It’ll be at three in the afternoon, so don’t be late.”

Four days later?

Diana’s heart sank. That coincided with the time Luke was released from prison. She had wanted to
hide at home and avoid going out during that period, yet now, she had to head out to meet Kayla.

Why was it that she couldn’t meet Kayla when she wanted to, yet now that she didn’t want to meet her,
Kayla insisted on meeting her?

She had no choice but to prepare herself in case of any accidents.

After returning to the Fulcher mansion, Diana packed up her belongings into a suitcase and brought it

Julian intercepted her. “Are you going to the Winningtons again?”

She had been going there frequently, which was not a good sign to Julian.

Diana initially wanted to tell Julian about Kayla asking to meet her again, but given how things have
progressed, she was thankful she didn’t. It would’ve been a foolish move on her part. “No,” she said
expressionlessly. “If I stayed there and upset Kayla, what would happen? Wouldn’t everyone skin me

Her statement made Julian swallow the words in his throat.

“It’s good that you remember your lesson from last time.” Julian hesitated for a moment and rubbed his
nose uneasily. “Whatever it is, it’s better that you don’t see them.”

He didn’t want Diana to collapse as she did last night. He only felt relieved when Noel reported to him

Diana went to Nina’s place.

“You don’t even bother hiding your bias.” Diana thought that Julian was solely concerned for Kayla.


Julian refused to do so, and even moved his face right in front of her. “Aren’t you the least bit
concerned about the wound on my forehead? Aren’t you worried about the teeth marks you left on my

The subtle scent of pinewood drifted into her nose as Diana looked at the plaster on Julian’s forehead.
She stared into his chilly, deep eyes for a tad longer than she should before turning her eyes away

Don’t look at him, she warned herself. Look at him and you’ll become softhearted and want to stay by


The moment he chose Kayla, their relationship was doomed to never return to what it was in the past.

Diana sighed. “Julian Fulcher, there are hordes of doctors fighting for your attention at home, and you
want me to look at your wound. Are you trying to make me pay? Or compensate you for hitting you?
Why don’t you bill me for every single mouth of water I’ve drunk and every grain of rice I’ve eaten in the
Fulcher’s house so I can pay off my debt once and for all?”

How could she think that of him?

Julian’s eyes turned red as anger filled his heart like a beast trapped in a cage. He fixed his eyes on
Diana, wanting to explain everything to her, but his words died on his lips before he could utter them.

Just then, Noel piped up, “Madam, you didn’t come home last night. Sir was so worried that he stayed
up the from entire night. He’s worried something might happen to you today, which is why he’s trying to
stop you heading out. Don’t be angry. Give me your suitcase first, and I’ll take it back to your room.‘

“No need,” Diana spat back cynically, “he’ll never be worried for me. He’s probably worried I’d hurt
Kayla and he’s keeping a close eye on me here. He’s just concerned that I’ll go to the Winningtons and
bump into Kayla there, which would be bad for her.”

At Diana’s mention of Kayla, Noel couldn’t think of anything else to say to convince Diana to say.

Strangely, Julian’s mood took a turn for the better. He suddenly stood up, walked past her suitcase on
the floor, and stopped right before Diana. “You keep talking about Kayla. Are you jealous of her?”

Instead of panicking, Diana admitted openly, “Yes, I am jealous. What about you? Are you also jealous
when you mention Oliver?”

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