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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 54

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 54

The agreement that James wanted her to sign obliged her to get a divorce right after getting the money
from the Winningtons.

“Julian’s even more anxious about it than you two.” Diana did not want to sign it because she did not
want to erase that bit of kinship between her and Kate.

If it were in the past, she might have agreed to it. But with the baby growing inside of her, she couldn’t
help but feel sentimental toward Kate.

It wasn’t easy being pregnant. Whatever happened, she was grateful to Kate for giving birth to her.

“No!” James objected. “If you don’t sign this, what’ll we do if you trick us and refuse to divorce after you
get your hands on the money? Kayla’s happiness would be destroyed in your hands.”

“Yes,” Kate added, “just take it that you’re giving us some assurance in return for the money we’re
giving you. Will that work?”

“Hah.” Diana couldn’t help but chuckle. “James has never acknowledged me as his daughter. Even

She didn’t feel much affection from Kate anyway, who was clearly more concerned about Kayla.

Yet, it didn’t stop her from yearning for that bit of motherly love.

“If you refuse to sign this agreement, you can forget about getting the money.” Sending that things had
come to a deadlock, and James decided to give Diana an ultimatum. “I suppose Mr. Fulcher wouldn’t
spare you if you can’t come up with the money in a month’s time!”

That was the truth, indeed.

Diana wasn’t worried that Julian would do anything to her, as things weren’t actually that nasty between
them. She simply didn’t want any conflict between them, and was worried that Julian might do
something outrageous to her for Kayla’s sake.

She couldn’t afford to risk that, so she didn’t want to get upset over something like that.

“All right, I’ll sign it.” Diana hastily signed her name on the document. “Remember to transfer me the
money as soon as possible.”

“No.” James kept the document in a folder. “Kayla said to give it to you in cash.”

Diana was stunned. “Huh?”

James replied in the affirmative. “She’ll give it to you personally.”

Truly, things one worried about would be more likely to happen. Diana caressed her tummy as she tried
to swallow the shock, finally understanding why James made her sign this agreement first.

If she refused to meet Kayla, she wouldn’t be able to get the money, and would in turn owe the
Winningtons twelve million dollars!

Although she hadn’t received the money, she had signed the agreement. Whether she would
eventually get the money depended on whether she agreed to meet Kayla.

Diana never expected them to resort to such underhanded means with her. It seemed she had thought
too kindly of the Winningtons, including Kate…

Yet, things had come to this point and she was forced to do whatever they demanded of her. “Why is
Kayla so insistent on meeting me? Does she not feel an ounce of shame for destroying her sister’s

marriage and snatching everything away from me?”

“Who’s to say she’s the one snatching from you? I’ll see if you dare say what you just said again after
meeting her!” James was extremely displeased and wanted to say more, but Kate held him back.

“Just meet her,” Kate said to Diana, “it won’t be bad for you.”

Kayla was right. Diana would only realize that she was a mere replacement after seeing how much
they resemble each other, and after knowing about the childhood memories Kayla shared with Julian.
That would make Diana break off completely from Julian.

If Diana did something outrageous even after they get divorced and upset Kayla, Julian would probably
do something even more aggressive than giving James a warning call like he had done today. Diana
would just end up being hurt.

It was better to just get the pain over and done with.

In the end, Kate decided it was better to heed Kayla’s suggestion. “We’re helping you here. Just accept
it gracefully.“

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