Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 53

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Dwayne thought the chin looked familiar, and the man’s gaze even made him tremble a little

Soon, a feeling of uneasiness suddenly surged from the bottom of his heart.

However, Dwayne could not recall where he saw the person.

Then, Dwayne frowned, drew his longsword, and strode toward the conical hat man.

Since the other party made him feel uneasy, he should just kill him!

The space in the post was never big, to begin with, so Dwayne only needed a few steps to reach the
man in the conical hat.

Next, he raised his longsword.

The other guests were horrified by what happened, and they all curled up, shut their eyes, and did not
dare to look anymore.

Suddenly, the conical hat person chuckled, slowly raising his head.

The next moment, Dwayne saw the familiar face under the conical hat, and also the recognizable grin.

“Dwayne, there’s no limit to your despicableness.

You truly haven’t changed the slightest bit.”

The man’s voice was so faint that only both of them could hear, yet Dwayne felt it was thunderous, and
his body froze.

Words could not describe Dwayne’s emotions, and he only felt an extreme fear like lightning crackling
and running along his spine, numbing his scalp.

It was as if his blood stopped flowing, and his hands and feet were cold.

At that moment, Dwayne felt as if he faced the endless abyss, and all his vitality was engulfed.

Behind Dwayne, some of his henchmen felt something was wrong and asked aloud, “Dwayne, what’s

Soon, several other people also became tense, holding longswords and approaching Caspian from
several directions.


“What’s going on?!”

“Who’s this guy?”

Dwayne’s back faced them, and they realized he did not move.

Then, the soldiers glanced at one another and approached Dwayne step by step vigilantly.

They could not see that Dwayne’s face was beading with sweat, his facial features were distorted at an
incredible angle due to the panic, and he was as pale as a piece of paper.

‘How’s this possible?! What in the world?! Isn’t he dead! Wasn’t he killed?! Is this a ghost! Is he here for
my life?’ Dwayne’s mind rumbled right now, and he could not hear what his confidants said.

The extreme fear completely made him lose the ability to think, and only his instinct told him that the
person in front of him was not a ghost.

He returned!

He was back with the same harshness as before for everyone to see!

Shortly, Dwayne’s few subordinates were already close by.

If it were not for worrying that the conical hat guy did something terrible to Dwayne, they would have all
rushed forward at the moment, slashing him.

Then, Dwayne’s men heard a chuckle from the man with the conical hat.

“Wilson Trump, Travis Harlow, Mason Cooper, Elroy Hemmingway, Daniel Finch, Ben Rowe, Andrew
May, Zayn Glendall…”

Each time the conical hat person uttered a name, one of Dwayne’s men present would standstill on the
spot as if they were electrocuted, and the muscles on their faces started to twitch.

When the eight people were named, their legs felt heavy, and they could not move.

Not only their legs but even their body felt stuck.

There was a look of horror and disbelief in everyone’s eyes.

Some of them were shivering so badly that they could not hold their longsword anymore, causing it to
fall with a loud clunk.

However, the man in the conical hat did not seem to notice their changes at all and continued, “There
are also a few who have just walked out.

I didn’t expect that you were all involved in that incident.”

The man’s tone was calm, but Dwayne and his subordinates felt as if it was a reminder from hell.

Everyone’s complexion changed from flushed to pale, from pale to livid.

They kept telling themselves that it could not be that person, and even if that person really survived a
fluke and returned, his strength would be significantly reduced, and it was impossible for him to be their

However, the memory of that year made them unable to resist at all, and there was only endless fear in
their hearts.

The person with the conical hat retreated, and he slowly removed his hat Then, Caspian’s face
appeared in front of everyone.

They did not see Caspian for three years, and his appearance and figure did not change much.

However, his aura was fundamentally different than before.

The Caspian of the past was like a daunting sharp sword light, but he was now like a dragon breaking
out of the waves in the deep sea, and the soldiers did not even dare to peep at him.

When Dwayne noticed that Caspian glanced at him, he lost control of his body, and his knees were

Then, he knelt to the ground with a thump.

“Your Highness…” With trembling lips, Dwayne could not even speak a complete sentence.

The other people could not help but fall on their knees.

It was a cold winter with heavy snow, but all of them were sweating profusely.

Their clothes were wet, and their hair seemed to have been soaked in water as sweat streamed down
their cheeks.

Everyone gritted their teeth as they trembled.

Those who went outside noticed that something was strange, and they immediately rushed in.


When they saw everyone kneeling on the ground, they looked up and saw Caspian standing in front.

These soldiers immediately turned pale, and they stood still like a statue.

The other guests in the station did not know Caspian’s identity.

They only saw these ferocious soldiers who wanted to kill them before suddenly showing a look of
panic like a mouse seeing a cat.

The crowd was stunned, and they looked at Caspian in confusion.

As the shopkeeper met more people than others, he naturally knew more information than ordinary

Hearing Dwayne’s address to Caspian, the shopkeeper recalled the rumors he heard in the past few
years, and he thought of a possibility.

The shopkeeper was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out

At that moment, Caspian glanced over everyone present and nodded, saying in a calm tone, “Amazing!
This is just brilliant! When I was away, you all learned to kill the citizens.

It seems that it was a mistake not killing you back then.”

When Dwayne and the other soldiers heard that, they shuddered, clenching their jaws hard.

“Who else was involved in the incident back then? Tell me one by one, and I’ll give you an easy way

Caspian stood in front of everyone, his gaze was sharp, and his tone was firm.

“I…” Dwayne gritted his teeth, stepped back, and looked up at Caspian, “Your Highness, are you going
to kill us?!”

“Otherwise… What do you think?” Caspian smiled, “When you framed me, did you think of leaving a
trace of empathy?”

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