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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 52

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 52

“What’s more, Kayla is outstanding. She’s such a good girl! When Diana knocked on our door three
years ago, Kayla went abroad just so we wouldn’t be upset even though she was suffering from
stomach cancer. Can you really bear to hurt our daughter like that?”

“I want to dote on both of them, but Diana’s going through a divorce right now.” Tears welled up in
Kate’s eyes. “We owe Diana too much! Why can’t we keep both daughters by our side?”

James stood

up and embraced Kate, sighing. “I’m sure Kayla will agree to it, but what about Julian, who loves
Kayla? He’d never allow Kayla to be hurt in any way. The moment Diana visited, he immediately got
worried that we’d mistreat Kayla, since she’s our adopted daughter. He even called me to threaten to
pull out of our project! What would our entire family survive on without that project? Do you want to go
back to those days of suffering before you married me?”

Kate didn’t want that! No way!

Kate’s tears fell on James’s shirt. “What should I do? I feel guiltier the more I think about Diana. She’s
our daughter too! Do you know that sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can almost see her when she
was still three years old? She was pulling on my shirt and calling me Mommy, begging me not to
abandon her…”

“It’s all my fault.” James lowered his head. “It was all my fault.”

“I don’t blame you.” Kate hugged him tighter, oblivious to the flash of panic across his face. “You didn’t
lose Diana on purpose. If we had to blame something, we can only blame it on Diana’s misfortune… As

for what you’ve said, I’ll take note of it. In the future, I’ll prioritize Kayla’s feelings. Our family’s survival
is key, after all.”

“But…” She paused for a moment and tried to cast away the guilt in her heart. “If you want Diana and
Julian’s divorce to go through successfully, and for things to be smooth sailing between Julian and
Kayla, we probably need to do more.”

James didn’t fully understand what Kate meant until she explained herself. “Seems like President

really didn’t like Diana from the beginning. Otherwise, why would he force her to return fifteen million
dollars? This just goes to show that we must cling on tight to Kayla, our good daughter. That’s the only
way for us, honey.”

“Okay…” Kate was convinced by James’s logic. “Diana said so herself. Julian didn’t want any financial
entanglement between them, and wanted a divorce right after things were settled between them. Now
that I think about it, he’s really heartless toward Diana.”

“Diana is merely a replacement for Julian when he couldn’t find Kayla back then.” James pinched
Kate’s cheeks gently, something that he hadn’t done in a while. “I’ve never taken you as a replacement
for anyone, and I’ll never kick you out of the family and draw clear boundaries between us, unlike what
Julian is doing right now.”

“You’re so annoying.” Kate smiled coyly, and the couple enjoyed a night of bliss that had been a long
time coming.

Diana did not make things harder for herself.

She was already emotionally battered. She refused to put her life in danger because of her affairs, and
definitely not jeopardize her baby’s life.

And so, she went looking for Nina.

Nina’s little house was no more than 150 square meters, and was currently the only place where she
could find warmth and security.

“The baby’s fine.” Nina handed the ultrasound scan report that was just generated to Diana. “Look, the
baby has a heart. It’s so tiny and cute…”

Love filled Diana’s heart as she surveyed the scan. “Thank you, Nina. If you hadn’t contacted Vans, I
probably wouldn’t even know where to go for a check–up.”

Richburgh was a huge place, but much of it was under Julian’s control.

However, things were different with Vans around. He could do things and go to places without Julian

“Don’t overthink things.” Nina caressed Diana’s head. “As long as you and the baby stay healthy,

will be fine.”

Nina’s heart ached for all the suffering that Diana had to endure. She even hinted to Vans to have a
good talk with Julian about her.

Yet, it was all in vain.

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