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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 50

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 50

Diana’s eyes widened in shock when she heard Julian’s callous words.

She had never felt so bewildered in her entire life.

And she had never felt so foolish, ever.

She had cried so indignantly before Julian, yet wasn’t it precisely this man who made her feel so

For a very long time, he had known that Kayla was playing all sorts of tricks behind her back. Yet, he
could never fail to see everything Kayla had done through rose–tinted glasses.

He even claimed that Kayla simply didn’t want Diana to be in the dark!

Should Diana thank Kayla? Thank Kayla for tearing her life to pieces and giving her a reason as to why
her life was so miserable?!

Julian grabbed a napkin, knelt down, and wiped Diana’s years away. He began probing her. “How did
you find out? Did you see photos of Kayla?”

“What right do I have to gaze upon her unworldly beauty?” Diana smiled self–derisively; it was a smile
that didn’t reach her eyes. “Don’t be anxious. You and Kate protect her so well. How would I have the
chance to hurt her?”

She couldn’t be bothered to do something like that. Yet everyone was guarded against her, as if she
was the


Like a lifeless doll, Diana pulled her hand holding onto her phone back in a daze. She looked down and
pressed some buttons. After a long while, she looked up and smiled at Julian. “I’ll return the fifteen
million dollars as soon as possible. Don’t you worry.‘

Julian never imagined that Diana would say those words at that moment.

Right then, his phone pinged.

He pulled it out, and saw that Diana had transferred money to his account.

A total of thirty thousand dollars transferred in six batches of five thousand dollars.


Julian felt as though daggers were piercing his eyes. The thought of her fingers jabbing away at her
phone. screen just now made him finally blow his top. “Diana, are you an idiot? My request for you to
settle the debt was just to make things difficult for you! Why did you take it seriously?!”

What right did he have to get angry with her at a time like this?

Diana turned her head around calmly. Her fringe fell, covering more than half her eyes and framing her
petite face, making it look even more delicate. Her sharp chin gave shape to her gentle features and

She didn’t seem…so similar to Kayla.

That was the thought that came to Julian’s mind at that moment.

But before he had time to ponder further, he heard Diana go on, “I know you’re making me return the

money so things would be difficult for me. I know you just wanted to get justice for Kayla. If that’s the
case, I need to let you do it thoroughly. Otherwise, it’ll be harder for you to make things difficult for me

in the future.”

“What’s more…” She bit her lip, forcing herself not to show the tremors that were almost shaking her
entire body. “You’ve said before, the divorce will only go through after we’ve settled all debts between
us. I don’t want to delay things for you, and I wouldn’t dare do that to Kayla either. Otherwise, it
wouldn’t just be you. Mom and the rest will make things hell for me.”

“After all, I took 30 thousand dollars from Kate. I feel like I have to be good to her. Don’t worry, I’ll
continue returning the rest of the money to you.”

She spoke calmly without any tears and ruckus, unlike her emotional outburst just a moment ago.

However, Julian found her calm self to be much more frightening.

Once again, he felt as if something important was slipping away from his life.

“So, are you going to the Winningtons now?” Since the thirty thousand dollars did not come from Oliver,
Diana was most likely going to get the remaining money from the Winningtons. He asked with a shaky
voice, “Will you go and see Kayla?”

He was laughing silently on the inside.

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