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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

Of all people, the woman Julian fell in love with turned out to be Kayla Winnington.

Kayla Winnington!

When on earth did they get involved with each other?!

Diana gripped her phone in disbelief. She gripped it so hard that pain shot through her fingers. The
sharp ache snapped her back to reality.

Julian Fulcher… He really did betray her.

Not only did he betray their marriage, but he had even betrayed the trust she had in him completely!

He clearly knew how much trouble this sister of hers had brought her as well as the many mistakes that
happened between her and Kayla, resulting in Diana being stuck spending so many years stuck in the

It was a hard journey for Kate as she desperately sought her family… And Julian knew all of it!

Yet he condoned Kayla and Kate’s behavior, and even chose to abandon her without any hesitation at
all; just as what the Winningtons had done to Diana in the past!

Diana couldn’t care less about the Winningtons, but she loved Julian.

She went back to the mansion and pounded her fists against the bedroom door like a madwoman.
“Julian Fulcher! Julian Fulcher, come out right now!”

Diana had closed herself in her room for two days. Julian was sure that she could no longer stay inside,
that she was here to check out the wound on his forehead.


He grabbed a plaster from his table and stuck it over his wound. He even checked himself out in the
mirror to make sure that his hair looked good before pushing the door open.

He put on a lazy, slightly irritated expression. “What’s the matter?”


This time, it was a pillow that flew in his direction.

It hit him right smack on his face!

“What is wrong with you, Diana? Why are you acting crazy again?” Julian flung the pillow away and
marched over to Diana, fuming. “Do you really intend to anger me to an early death so you can be with
Oliver Channing?”

“What’s any of this got to do with him?!” Diana glared at him as if he was her greatest enemy.

Julian felt like something was wrong, and his voice mellowed. “What’s wrong?”

At this, the tears Diana was desperately trying to hold back finally fell.

This time, she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Usually, she would hide and stay all alone in her
room, where she had the privacy to cry her heart out.

Yet now, she felt indignant… Truly indignant. She couldn’t control her emotions.

“Why did you…” She sobbed through her tears, her eyes red like a rabbit trapped on a farm. She
looked at him with an accusatory glare. “Why must you choose to be with her?”

Why must it be Kayla?

“She’s great, isn’t she?” Diana didn’t wait for Julian to respond to her and went on, “That must be it.
Because she’s good in every single way, and I’m no match for her in anything. That’s why you like her,
just as Kate does.”

“No, she’s not good.” Diana’s tears suddenly stopped. She pulled her phone out and threw herself into
Julian’s arms.

“I received a mysterious text message after you asked for a divorce. The text told me to go to the
Winningtons to find the reason why you wanted a divorce. I went there and received a slap instead.
Kate even returned my gift. It must be Kayla! She did it on purpose. She’s not good, no good at all!
Why does everyone like her?”

Diana fumbled around with her phone to retrieve the message. “It’s true, I’m not lying! Someone really
sent me that text message. That was the only reason I went to the Winningtons on the day of the
reception banquet…‘


Julian didn’t take the phone from her. His head was buzzing with all the information she was throwing


He had thought that as long as both of them didn’t meet each other, Diana wouldn’t know anything
about Kayla. Despite that, it seemed Diana had found out anyway.

“Read it, read it!” Diana saw him unmoving, and pushed her phone harder into his arms.

“No need for that.” Julian pushed her phone away with an icy look, which sent shivers down Diana’s
spine. I knew since she texted you. She simply didn’t want you to be in the dark. She’s a kind–hearted

person. Diana, don’t always assume that others have ulterior motives. That’s not right.”

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