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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

Was this still the same mother whom she reconciled with that day?

The desire that Diana had for that measly bit of kinship that was barely rekindled was doused in that
instant. “I’m not doing this for a comfortable life.”

She bit her lips so hard they almost bled. “As my mother, don’t you understand how much I’ve suffered
over the years? Am I that obsessed with wealth and riches?”

The voice on the other end mellowed significantly. “Then why must you…insist on that fifteen million


“I owe Julian fifteen million dollars because of a shop I bought before. The divorce is only possible after
I settle the debt and no longer have any financial entanglements.”

“I see, I see. As long as you’re not the one stopping him from getting a divorce.” Kate’s attitude took a
complete 180–degree turn. “Seems like Julian doesn’t want to waste a single cent on you, too.”

Her words deeply disturbed Diana. “What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing. I mean, you’re a good child, and so is Julian.” Diana could almost hear Kate smiling through
her voice, and it made Diana even more upset.

What kind of a mother would smile so gleefully upon hearing about her child’s divorce and
overwhelming debt?

Well, the kind that doesn’t love or care for her child.

Even if Kate didn’t love or care for Diana, was there a need for her to make it so obvious that she
wanted Diana to be divorced?

From what Diana knew, part of Winnington’s family business relied heavily on Fulcher Inc.

By right, they should be worshiping the Fulchers as their god of wealth and hoping that her marriage
with Julian was smooth sailing. That would guarantee their business success.

Yet, why was it that over these three years, Kate had never taken the initiative to please her? What was
more outrageous now was Kate’s blatant desire for Diana to get a divorce.

The gears in Diana’s brain turned rapidly.

Right then, the memories of the past flashed across her mind like scenes of a movie.

The servants of the Winnington household who saw her for the first time greeted her enthusiastically. ”
Young Mistress.”

A servant said to her, “Miss Kayla, your favorite chestnut cake…”

Kate refused to let Diana into the courtyard during the birthday banquet, and even yelled at her and
slapped her. She kept reminding Diana, “Kayla just returned from abroad, so don’t you dare cause a
scene! When exactly are you going to get divorced, Diana?!”

And then, Julian suddenly said to her just a while back, “Diana, let’s get a divorce.”

He even warned her, “You’re not worthy enough to know her name!”

At that moment, many voices and scenes intertwined in Diana’s brain, resurfacing from the depths of
her memories and linking together like interconnected chains, melting together into a big mess.

How could it be?

Diana suppressed the thoughts running wild in her mind as she patted her chest in a bid to calm her
heart, which was beating wildly. Julian wouldn’t mess around with her sister in name…would he?

“Mom.” Diana had to stop her imagination from running wild, given that she had no evidence at this
point. ” I’ll receive the earrings when they arrive. I can also give you two more days to talk to James
about the money, but you must tell me this: Who was the partner that Julian brought along on that day
of the banquet at the old mansion and Kayla’s reception banquet?”

Kate hesitated for a long time as silence ensued over the phone, as if she had hung up.

“They…are the same person, and you know her. In fact, you’re very familiar with her, right?”

The answer was obvious.

Yet, Diana didn’t dare to even think about it.

She desperately needed someone to disprove her guess, but Kate did not refute her claims even after
a long time had passed.

Kate’s voice suddenly turned solemn and icy. “Diana, don’t you dare hurt your sister. As for the divorce,
get it done quickly and stop dragging your feet on it. It’s upsetting your sister!”

She was indirectly admitting that the wornan Julian was seeing behind Diana’s back was none other
than Kayla Winnington!

The realization was akin to a rumbling thunder that struck Diana whole.

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