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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 46

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 46

In the end, everything was still about the divorce.

Diana smiled self–derisively. Why was she being foolish again? Even if it was only for a moment, why
did she think that his heart might have ached for her, that he didn’t retaliate for fear of hurting her?

Now that she thought about it, ever since that banquet, he had only one goal in mind: divorce Diana,
and protect that woman at all cost while keeping that woman happy.

Who was Diana Winnington to him? A debtor, at most.

A man’s heart…is truly like the weather in April, volatile and ever–changing.

Diana wrapped herself up tighter in the sheets. Her voice turning colder, she asked, “Well, what are you
doing here in my room?”

“This is my house.” Julian glanced at her and went on, “I can go anywhere I like.”

As he spoke, his gaze swept lazily across the entire room and landed on the wardrobe. He strolled over
and pulled out a set of pajamas, as if to prove that he had a reason for coming in.

In the dimly lit room, Diana’s eyes shone and her lips glistened.

At that moment, the photo of her and Oliver smiling at each other, her face all flushed, rushed into
Julian’s mind.

“What? Still thinking of seeing that stingy, despicable, vile Oliver Channing instead of me?”

Diana remained silent.

For a second, she doubted whether she heard him wrongly. Did he just call Oliver stingy, despicable,
and vile?

Did those words really come out of Julian’s mouth?

She felt as of late, it had been harder and harder to understand Julian. The thought that Julian had
been wearing a mask during her life with him over the past three years had been crossing her mind
frequently. The civil, chivalrous, and faithful Julian Fulcher seemed to have nothing to do with this
Julian Fulcher she was beginning to see.

This domineering, jealous, and sharp–tongued man before her seemed to be his true face.

Yet, a man like Julian Fulcher had no need to put on an act before someone insignificant like her. The
only possible reason for the difference was whether he loved her or not.

A sudden, sharp pain on her lips jerked her rudely from her thoughts. Diana’s eyes widened as she
realized it was Julian kissing her like an aggressive woodpecker.

He seemed equally shocked by his own action.

He swiftly left Diana’s side and mumbled, “That luscious and red calabash candy isn’t that big a deal


“What?” Diana exclaimed in horror as she cleanly forgot about his kiss. “Calabash candy?”

How did Julian know about the calabash candy?

Instead of responding to her, Julian left her room as silently as he entered it.

She must have heard him wrongly. Why would Julian mention calabash candy so nonchalantly?

It wasn’t something bought on a daily basis, after all.

Could it be possible that he had paid someone to trail her to make sure that she paid what she owed?

Would Julian be that petty…?

After what had happened, Diana tossed and turned on her bed, unable to fall asleep.

Shock waves razed her lips; that sweet, tingly, and numb sensation lingered through the night. She
knew she shouldn’t be feeling such joy, but couldn’t hold herself back from reliving that moment as she
wondered the reason why he suddenly kissed her.

Unable to arrive at a definitive conclusion, Diana decided to leave the comfort of her bed to retrieve a
first- aid kit. She took out the antiseptic solution and a cotton bud, which she placed right outside the
door of the

guest room.

She then swiftly turned around to return to her own room.

Mr. Carter, who was awoken in the middle of the night, coincidentally saw what Diana had done. He
noticed the wound on Julian’s forehead earlier on, and his heart ached for Julian. Upon seeing the
items Diana brought, he instantly realized that Julian’s wound was Diana’s doing.

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