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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 47

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 47

What an uncultured hillbilly!

Forget about becoming the young mistress of the Winningtons just because of bloodlines; experiences
and habits bred from young can never be changed!

Not only did Diana raise a huge ruckus tonight, but she even injured Young Master Julian. Mr. Carter
had iron -clad evidence for that! He had no idea why the old lady liked her so much.

In his opinion, Miss Kayla was miles better. Having been born and bred in a family with good standing,
he found her polite, courteous, and mild–mannered.

Diana, that hillbilly brat from the boonies, was no match for Kayla, whom he thought was a better match
for Young Master.

With that thought in mind, he flung the items Diana brought straight into the trash can.

He brought the first–aid kit into the room and greeted Julian. “Young Master, I brought the antiseptic
solution you asked for.”

Diana, meanwhile, had a sleepless night.

The next morning, she woke up bright and early, even earlier than the servants in the Fulcher
household. She took a leisurely stroll around the first floor and wanted to check out the kitchen for
some food when she saw the antiseptic solution and cotton bud she left behind for Julian last night.

It’s fine if he didn’t use it, but was there a need to chuck it into the trash?

To think she kept guessing the reason behind him kissing her last night. It was simply because he’s a
madman; nothing else!

She went upstairs in a huff and didn’t come downstairs for the rest of the day. Julian, however, didn’t
mistreat her in terms of giving her enough to eat. He even personally delivered her meals to her

Although he wasn’t able to enter her room even once, Diana could make out his footsteps. The subtle
sweetness she felt from his gesture was like honey dripping into the crevices of her heart, making her
fall deeper into his trap.

Not only was he not angered by her outrageous attack on him in the middle of the night, but it also
seemed he had become as patient with her as he was in the past.

He even tried to coax her out of her room, and didn’t push the blame on her.

Diana wondered, how was the wound on his head now?

After eating three consecutive meals he had personally delivered, Diana began worrying about him.

Last night, she was in the wrong. Perhaps she should personally deliver the medicine to his room.

Was he waiting for her apology?

Diana pondered for a moment, and finally decided to head out to take a look. Just then, she received a
call from Kate.

“Mom.” She retreated back into the room in surprise as she lowered her volume. “Has James
Winnington agreed to give me the money?”

“I haven’t brought that up to him…” Kate hesitated before going on, “But I have thirty grand in my bank
account which I’ve transferred to you. Can you just forget about the alimony? As long as you’re thrifty,
you won’t need to worry about living expenses after your divorce.”

Diana had no idea what happened, but she could sense a change in Kate’s attitude. “But we’ve already
agreed on this the other day. I just want more security for myself.”

“I understand.” Kate nodded. “Which is why I’ve sent you back your earrings. Sell them for some

“Isn’t that my gift to you?” Diana asked.

“Yes,” Kate replied. “I know it is, but Kayla bought me a better pair, so…I no longer need yours. I
thought it better to return it to you.”

Diana’s grip on the blanket tightened as Kate’s words pierce her heart like daggers.

She truly didn’t understand it. Although the gift was not bought specifically for Kate, it was something
that Grandma gave to her. She treasured it enough to give it as a gift to Kate.

Even if it was worth only a mere ten dollars, in the end, it was the thought that counts. How did the
earrings conflict with Kayla’s gift, so much that Kate did not want to keep them?

“Okay.” Diana held her thoughts back. “But I must have that fifteen million dollars. Otherwise, I’ll never
agree to the divorce. As for James, I’ll speak to him myself.”

Before she could complete her sentence, Kate asked agitatedly, “What?! Why will you only agree to the
divorce if you get fifteen million dollars? How can you be so greedy? Even with fifteen million dollars,
you won’t be able to live as extravagantly as you are right now in the Fulcher household!”

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